Tuesday, December 30, 2008


1 more day~1 more day~1 more day 2 go.....2008 will be the past & 2009 will be ahead of us..

lets think bac...

have we done anything meaningful??
have we done the things that we r suppose 2 do??
are we filial 2 our parents??
do we always waste our time doin all those li li lo lo things??
do we brush our teeth everynite?? (heh,dun laugh..some of them din brush de leh)

If there is any answer which is "no"...then 2009 muz JIAYOU lo...i wan earn alot of money 2 buy new car & bring my family go tour... *yeah yeah*

Where 2 go celebrate?? genting??Sg.wang??BBQ again??
How 2 celebrate?? wif lover??frenz??
GOD~~~pls give me an answer,any answer oso can
I wan 2 see fire work leh...


Anonymous said...

EM.....I guess I got many "NO" le...Then i shud change a lot on 2009 lu...hahah!!!

This year I cant celebrate New Yr 2009 with u le...BUT i hope 20"10" I can celebrate with u....And bou fan this year 2008 ge shou...:)

Hope to see firework with u once again....!!


elaine said...

no wonder la,i always kena bully,cuz u got lot of "no"...
nvm la,this yr cant,mai next yr see firework wif u lo..but u dun think wai wai ya,cuz iam a gd gal hehe

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms.E...

Haha....How do I think wai wai ah?? haha...I am also a good guy leh!!! heheh... okla...so, this year my hope is for next year de la... Hope to see firework with u...:) k?? Yi Yian Wei Ding...


Anonymous said...

should i leave any comment?haha