Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Say shoo 2 holiday mood

wooo...1st blog of the yr...
finally....all the christmas holidays, new yr holidays, public holidays, school holidays are over~~~

^Dark sky starts 2 shine at the east, birds start 2 chirp, school bells start 2 ring, road start 2 jam, school bus start 2 honk, children start 2 cry. It is just like blooming of a new life in
a brand new 2009~~^

Muz clear off all my holiday mood and concentrate in my work..Everyday force myself out bed at 6.45am and push myself into the bathroom wif my half open eyes.
In order 2 have the "semangat" to work, i need to psycho myself by kip saying " I LOVE MY JOB, I LOVE MY JOB" 2 myself non-stop...A fresh morning wif fresh air makes a fresh me (breath in air, but still feel sleepy,haha)
Need to change new car le, so i cant let myself 2 be too relax & lazy...nid 2 beat bum bum liao *piak piak*

So, can stop writing blog & got mood start work d??


Anonymous said...

If u keep thinking "U Love me, U lOve me" then good lo....hahha!!! NO worry la..I will always support u ge...!! I become ur clock lo...ok bo?? hhee...

Yea....after u bought ur new car d, must fetch me o....Duno tat time i can beocme the 1st person to sit on ur new car onot leh?? depend on the fate la....heheh....

is me again ah....Mr Anonymous...


Joan ShArIng HoUse@@~ said...

dun lie ursf la..
alw go out wet

yeeling said...


haha,but the fact is "I DUN LOVE U" wor, so how??
u wan sit my new car ah?? dun say so fast leh,oso haven decide yet... i oso haven sit on ur BMW yet leh~~

u la,always bring me go wet...
wet until my dompet always empty *blek*