Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Brave step

Last week
I attended a 2D 1N seminar
In Philea Resort Hotel, Melaka
Which was planned quite some time ago

I was quite nervous
Because I was told to present on that day
Last minute
I wasn't prepare for that as
the number of group is quite Big

Last year I came here
With a bunch of colleague
& had alot of fun
But now, it is for work...

45 mins of presentation
In front of 70++ people
All the stress and gan jiong-ness
Worth it
Should be more confidence in myself previously
I can do it !!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant

=Friday night=
Colleague gathering
Location was chosen by our dearest Chloe
According to her, this Korean restaurant is nice
UncleJang Korean Restaurant (Puchong branch)

All this while, i don like Korean food (ok, i admit i like the meat only)
"Dak- Galbi"  is the name of this food
But out of my expectation,
The food comes in a different style (lots of vege added)
& taste superb~~~~ *aww, suddenly wana eat now*

We order food for 3 person
2 x spicy
1 x normal
For 4 person & this portion is more than enough for us
You can choose to add other ingredients:
Mushroom, cheese, ramen, fried rice, eggs etc.

OMG, the taste is heavenly niceeeee!!!!
I tell u, it is really really nice...
BUT super burning Spicy
Before cooking
While cooking

Ready to eat  ^^
 Maybe we should have order 1 x spicy and 2 x normal
Then the taste will be perfect

Will I come back to this restaurant again??
Yesh Yesh definitely YESH!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hot hot hot~~

Aircon spoilt...
Sleeping in sweat for many nitez d~

I wanna FIX my aircon ahhhhhhh

Tk good care of urself 
Everybody ^o^

Friday, June 15, 2012

Durian feast

& craving
& Craving Durian
For long long time ago~
Since 1 year ago...


1st time eating durian at the stall
Wif colleagues
We will plan another trip here again, at SS2... ^^
Wanna eat summore
Not enough for me arghh~~
Even it is late at night,
There are still so many ppl sitting around the stall
Enjoying their after meal dessert...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

+Bday week+

Everyone looks forward to their own bday celebration
But its kinda weird feeling once everybody looks at you 
& starts singing d song~~ *blush*

& of course I got to choose my favourite food :P
A very big TQ to my family & bunch of frenz 
<3 u guys ^^
BBQ Plaza

Thx for all of ur companion this 8 yrs ^^ muackks
Sushi Sushi

Our all time favourite- Zanmai~~
Pink pink colleagues
Can't imagine working life w/o u guys ^^

On my actual day
We actually celebrated together wif Jacky ><
+ "lok lok" & Mcd for my dinner =.=""

Of course

Not forgetting wif my family
Pre-celebration for me & mother's day
*miss u all*