Monday, December 15, 2008

jingles part 2


here come christmas collection part 2~~~

got another collection of my christmas tree photo...this time the location is at KLCC~~

cuz the tree is way too tall, so i took the photo at 2nd floor, *thx 2 Alen the photographer* although his skill is not as gd as mine la...hehe

after that, we went PC fair (a veri memorable event 4 me ^^) & finally i got my mic d, *hapi hapi*

KLCC christmas tree...hehe

close up close up


aLen_chU said...


No Problem...
U r welcome~~~

After tis, u gv me tuition lo... ok?

elaine said...

my tuition fees veri expensive de wor,u can afford ma??

BB said...

wei~ling technic no good enough la..
u need a profesional teacher like me alen...haha
*just kidding la.. so bu yao lian..hehe