Sunday, January 24, 2010

Testing Testing

Just get to know another way to post blogs from my fren

Windows Live Writer”

So wanna try using this application to post up my pictures and words~~


I preferred this because it is more convenient

Iam able to write my name on the photos, which i do not have that software

& there are other more application in this writer

Am goin to explore more in future ^^

So shiok-nya...

My frenz

Have gathering with my sec school frenz
Its been 7 yrs since i saw them bac in school
Reali happi to meet them bac

LiPing, AiWei and me~~
We went to ss2
"Gei Dak Sek" dessert cafe
I din tk many photos of the food
We are all bz talking and updating each & ourself

AiWei- now in Serdang, working as a nutritionist
SimMei- juz shift 2 paramount wif bf, working as a IT consultant
LiPing- staying in PJ & studying psycology. Mayb next time can find her if mental got any problems, hehe

My best jimui- SimMei. Abit sayang cuz my another best fren din come

Hapi to meet u all up yesterday nite
(although we went home abit late)
Hope that next time we can bring out all of our bf
& go paktor 2gether (as wat we had planned)


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Year, New thinking...

Feel that, last year
ntg very special for =me=
except i choose the correct person
to stay beside me~~

my year-- Tiger Year-- 10 year
Hope to do great things

Buy my DSLR (thx to my jie who inspire me)
Looking at the phuket's star in the dark
Upgrade myself =new image=
No more tummies
More $$$
Perfume collection for mum
Money collection for myself
Gadget collection for dad
Girly collection for meimei
Memories collection for dearest *keke, easy*
Friendship collection wif frenz

Hope all this will come true & its a MUST...