Thursday, December 18, 2008

sickly yee ling

sick sick sick,yee ling is veri veri sick now~~~

long time din sick until the extend that my voice sound like a guy,haha...then iam a "temporary Agua" now... *opps*

my cough actually been drag for 2 weeks d..(fall sick during the 2nd day of my work actually, soooo weak =x)
then finally yesterday,my cough burst into sore throat,fever,headache,cough and now flu)...

seen the doctor twice (but luckily can claim from my company la), 1st time cant recover,2nd time onli feel abit but look abit hamsap doctor,hehe...

=( cant eat my LA JIAO BAN MIAN d(chow kit geh,if u all wanna eat, i bring u all go ya)...i wanna eat veri veri when i recover,i go eat every weekend la,who wan company me eat??hehe

so if u dun1 being frighten by my man voice,dun call me oh... :P


BB said...

haha..sopo ling
sick already o??
so pity like me b4~
but now i already recover la
can sing also now..wakakkakaka
u must take good k o
when u recover i willing company u go eat ban mian~
but i dunwan company a gua go o..haha
i just company leng lui only
so u must recover faster o...^^

Joan ShArIng HoUse@@~ said...

who can acc u 2 eat??
sure is me lo..
gt $$??
borrow u rm10 1m8 bo pun tai la~haha

Joan ShArIng HoUse@@~ said...

by de way, tkk la, muz recover b4 xmas o~

cindy khor said...

take care..

Anonymous said...

MR Anonymous here o... I also feel a bit pity c u sick until like this... So suffer o...a long sick!! Anyway, here got so many ppl wanna date u go eat d, then i think i have to q up to eat with u also la...!!! So, hope u can recover as soon as tomorrow la!!! ......:)


elaine said...

u gd lo,recover liao...
my voice stil the same,but i feel abit better la..

haha,sure sure...
i sure ask u go company me eat geh,& tat time i borrow RM8 from u lo,okok??

i so pityful hor..
u oso wanna eat wif me ah??sure can geh...
tat time i sure bring u 2gether wif my frenz geh...they oso can noe new frenz de ma..