Tuesday, December 2, 2008

veri chAm de wOrkINg life

2day is the 2nd day of my work...onli 1 word that can discribe abt me---> CHAM~~~

=sore throat= eat dominos and mcD for lunch
=cold in office= air-con direct to me
=sienz= everyday product trainin,lecture whole day
=tired= drive for 2 hour everyday 2 shah alam
=running nose=

although i got my own table, but empty, so i put my beg ontop of my table 2 make it "feel" occupied,keke...& nobody talk 2 me in office oso, u noe la, iam such a talkative gal..

So, hopefully 2molo everything will fine la....pls pls plss plssss~~~

anyway, christmas is coming...this yr's christmas mood extra strong, feel wanna tuck myself in those beautiful lighting & those wonderful songs...
*Merry christmas everybody*


cindy khor said...

its alright..its just the 1st day..don't push urself too hard. if not you will fall even more ill. just relax and maybe you can call ur friends while working. take everything slow, ok?

cindy khor said...

oh yeah, if you have money, go buy a xmas tree. cuz i got one xmas tree at home.then i download those xmas song and buy those socks to hang up and mistle toe too. go try lah

elaine said...

haha...i buy those trees then where iam goin 2 put it??
put down stairs ah??