Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Got my 1st 1st 1st ever commission after i work for 11 months in ITS~~~

Yeah yeah.... all my hard work were paid off in my salary slip...hehe

Dun ask me to give big treat ya, cuz i have some other use for that money...hehe *opps*

*but cant tell how much is my commission la,cuz P & C...hehe~~

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kuantan trip- Day 2 & 3

On the 2nd day, we plan 2 make a one day trip to terengganu specially for the beach & the famous keropok lekor...

So, we decide to have our breakfast in Kuantan but we couldn't find any shop for our breakfast, we find for around 20 minutes, driving around the whole kuantan town but can't hardly one shop is open.... *got la, bak kut teh lo, Mcdonal lo*.... tak can we come all the way to kuantan & end-up in mcdonald de ma....

But at last, we able to find this only one shop which is open....

Kuantan river, taken this b4 goin 2 Terengganu..

After 2 hours of driving & 1 hours of jam, we reached Terengganu.

We stop by at some of the beaches for some photos but my mum abit dissapointed as she wanted 2 see "white" beaches instead of yellow...hehe

But she is still happy la ^^

We found out one of the resort beside the beach.

Not many local ppl there but alot of ang moh or singeporean went there...u noe y??

Just look at the price for this not-very-high-class resort...

Alamak, almost RM 1300 per night leh... who on the earth that will go there 2 have a so so expensive sleep *my god*

This is much much better.... Cheaper & class (in kuantan).

If not mistaken, the room rate is around RM 300++ per night..Cheaper than the resort that i stay but the location is not very gd, much further away from town~~

After scrolling at the beach, (izit scrolling?? abit weird) we went to Terengganu town...

Nothing special, juz onli some building sort of like Malacca town...

The worse ice-cream i ever tasted... can u imagine the taste of putting a cold malay kueh in ur mouth... *nahhhh*