Friday, October 31, 2008


While i was talking excitedly wif my fren in UK, i receive a local call which stated "03-xxxxxxxx" & i started to feel nervous as iam thinking whether this is a interview-call from those company that i apply for my job (send over 10++ emailfor job application d)...

As wat i had expected, reali there is an interview for me next week...walao~~~iam in cloud nine bcuz i waited so long for an interview, & finally get 1..Excitedly,i told my fren & sms'ed my mum & dad abt this gd news....

HOWEVER, after 10++ minits, i wanted stand up & wanted 2 do something..who knows, my leg trip onto the wire connected to my "VAIO" laptop & the onli think tat flash through my mind is "CHAM"....BANG~~~~~ omg.........!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY LAPTOP.......

Tears rush down my cheeks immediately.....walao~~~daxn Sam Tong lah,my laptop ah!!!!!!
顿时no mood jor....from heaven drop to hell, can feel my heart is aching and heart beating so fast..

lil crack at the right corner of my screen.


*focus lagi*

So, guys...those who own a laptop...pls pls pls plsssssssss take gd care of ur laptop~~~~

Thursday, October 30, 2008

hApi biRthdAy 2 wOo toNg~~~

Strawberry cake~~~look nice but for the taste wise, ermmm......

"Come down lo....come down cut cake d!!!"
After lighting up the 2 big candle, the 20 yr old big baby came down without any clothes on...1st time in history, celebrating if a "bogel" bday boy...kekeke :P

This is the bogel boy tat iam saying, walao...stil so thin~~~

Bogel boy and his gf "juan"

Actually we wanted to give him a suprise geh...but once we reach home wif the cake,i ask Juan to pura-pura change clothes (actually we wanted 2 hide the bday cake)...then he notice something fishy outside and noe wat we are up to...*cheh* our "arrange-fridge-for-hiding-cake" action totally wasted... =x

hmm~~~no difference wif normal bday celebration, sing song--make wish--cut cake--tk photo...juz everybody seems abit shy & cool, as they dun dare 2 sing out loud (which makes me sound like a crazy gal singing bday song)...nvm~~~at least they got help out by clapping their hand la...hehe =x

Woo tong, nth 2 give give u 4 leng luis to tk photo wif u, a veri precious present ^^

Our housemate love 2 celebrate without their clothes on i notice...

~hapi bday 2 u oh woo tong~

remember 2 celebrate mine next yr ya...keke

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

cYcliNg in nAtuRe~~~

In this modern era (om'gosh,wat a boring opening,pardon me...), business man busy making money, student busy studying, parents busying wif their children, hawker frying dish by dish, blogger continue blogging =x

None of us will think of sticking ourself 2 mother nature...So, need to thx our organiser--->Yan Keat for organising a cycling trip to bukit cahaya (shah alam)...a veri nice place 2 enjoy & sweat~~~

(photos grabbed and edited by Joan...thx ^^)

10 of us posing wif our bike & we enjoy our sweat, as if we din exersice for 10 thousand yrs...

Amazing scene....12 bikes at one go~~~never cycle wif so many frenz b4 ^^y

mei yee (in white), yan keat (guy in red), jia min (pinky gal) and me (in red too) sitting on a bus which takes us to round the taman. At the same time, my frenz cap flew of the bus,poor Joan (pic below).


Our group photo b4 entering the 4 season house which is displayin autumn scenery now..
Such a coincidence that all of us wore white, red and pink together without telling each other...

*After shouting in the hoods (teaching yan keat how 2 ride bicycle), our next destination is in Klang which we plan 2 eat seafood. In order to eat our seafood without adding "extra ingredient" to it, we stop by to Annies's house for bath.

Try to imagine 12 of us pack into her house and take turns to bath~~~how her family will think...*hehe*

All the blur & sleepy face after our bath...& thx Annies for borrowing me ur shirt, i feel veri comfortable in it. (at least better than my smelly shirt) :P

7 dishes: Lala soup (XIONG TONG LALA), sotong wif sambal, salad prawn (this is nice), tomyam fish (izit tomyam??), kangkung and fried kailan (reali fried)

And last but not the least...CRAB!!!! but the meat seem abit tasteless although it match well wif salted egg~~~

*yeah*~~~seafood time...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

*Yeah* finally get 2 upload my photos here as my sis waited & rushes me 2 do so~~~

So, the 1st thing that i do after my movie in midvalley (watch high school musical 3 which is so cool and reminds me of Disneyland in Paris...makes me wanna go bac there~~~), is to upload my pics for my "fans",wahahaha...

My previous "bushy" hair which is needed to be "repair" muahahaha...

My new hair look which is too short and i dun quite like it...

The back of my hair that give a "stairy" and more layer look which i preferred more...


Friday, October 24, 2008

A bRand nEw lOok...:P

Yo,check it out,my brand new short hair...
since bac from UK, notice my hair looks like a bush,haha..
So,decided to trim it off by my private hair stylist,kevin in Silvercut...hehe (mayb kevin can consider 2 pay me some advertising fee..hehe)

(2 hours later)......

this stupid line dun allow me 2 upload my "pretty" photo....aiks
so no photo for this time,mayb i will find other time 2 let u all see see har la~~~
hehe :P

Thursday, October 23, 2008

1st timer~~~

Hi,everybody...welcome to my veri 1st & virgin blog (opps...)~~

Iam blogging is juz 2 update my news wif u all and thx 2 my sis who "trigger" off my instinct (is this the correct word 2 us???*wonder*)..

Well, open improve my written english as well,& give me some comments about my blog,k??

thx alot oh *blink* ^^