Wednesday, May 27, 2009


While i was working in my 2 x 2 cubic feet space, i receive a phone call from my college junior.

He ask me about the info of Campbell University cert. & told me that he is goin to UK tomolo... has been one yr that i had been to UK for my honour fast.
All these wonderful memories flash back and are still very fresh in my mind, like it only happens yesterday, but it all happens 1 yr ago:

Over coming jet light,
Sitting in the aeroplane for more than 12 hours,
Having fun walking wif my other 17 coursemate to school,
Wake up early in the morning to prepare lunch to be brought to school,
Buying all the junk food in
99 pence, home bargain, tesco, farm food (oh my, i still remember the shop names)
Skype'ing wif my dearest who is in another place,
Rushing our dissertation overnite non-stop,
Discussing all the sllybas b4 exam,
Europe trip after the end of my course...

All these are memories, reali pretty memories. feel like goin bac there & have a relax studying life, not like my present stressful working life *like sh.t*

On the plane to UK, so hapi...

Iam at london ^^

Put my feet on my dream land, Paris...

18 of us from TARC Msia of 2009 summer programme LJMU

Time reali flies very fast and now iam already 23 yrs old.

Which means that i will be other ppl's wife after 5 yrs...omg, so fast...


formally employed

Wait & wait...
Finally receive my 1st confirmation letter in my working life from Interscience Sdn Bhd.
Dun noe how much is my increment leh??
hopefully can get high increment la, cuz my living expenses increases since i shift to Subang.
I need money now... $.$

Signed by my boss in Singapore--Lawrence Tan

Target: to be like my manager. Close eyes oso noe all the information of our products and competitor's... & 1.2 million sales target to reach by this yr.. *pray hard*

Going to get my new baby Myvi soon lo, *hapi but worry*...

p/s: To work in KL with frenz but without Jus and family, or SG with Jus and family but without frenz over there??

Monday, May 18, 2009

buSineSs agAin... keke

Yeah yeah...
3rd order~~~
feel veri hapi
* juz wanna express my feelings here jek*

p/s: our world is getting more and more sick, so hope that everybody will take gd care and also help to take care our world...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My biggest 23 day....1st part

Although my bday is on the 12nd of May, but i celebrated it on the 8th of May (Saturday)

Early in the morning, I went to Sunway Pyramid together with Danny as he had promise me to buy me a present for my bday. So, we went there for lunch...

On the way to Sunway Pyramid

Then, we have our lunch in Secret Recipe...
LB so concentrate in looking at wat to eat, so hungry meh...

Take my photo pulak...

I order tomyam noodles and LB order meatball spagetti.

We saw the ^My Great Dressing Room^ fashion show while we went to shopping. So we stop by to update ourselves wif fashion...teehee

Their clothes not bad la...

Look lik superman...

I like this pink sweater

Another superman..

All her hair cover her face, duno whether she can see the road or not..
This dress is the best among the all..

After buying my present, we stop by a dessert house ^Snowy House^ to have something sweet. The honeydew blended taste quite good as what i expected, not bad trying it...

In Snowy house, very nice, next time can try coming bac here again..

Saw this heart & suddenly have a stupid idea of taking tis wuliao photo keke..
Hapi that LB is here company'ing me for the whole day *miss u* be continued...

My bday present~~

Thx to YGF members for the wonderful present. I love it very much (although the card wish is writen in front of me & some of u din see the present yet).

Anyway, thx u guys *muacks*

Perfume from: Joan, Daming, Annies, Jason, Alen, Yankeat, Weilun and Ginhong

Besides that, Today, on my very bday date, I receive my 2nd present from my company-->> my 2nd order. I saw the order form sent in by my customer, & was so so happy...

Thx god for giving me tis wonderful present *muacks*

**Aiming for my 3rd order, wish me luck....

Monday, May 11, 2009


Just have a wonderful & memorable weekend~~~

Thx for all my frenz tat came for my party... lucky & hapi 2 have u all at my side~~~

Of course, not forgetting Jus...he reali kept his promise & gave me an unforgetable day ^^

Thx nYank nyak for everything tat u had done for me, *love u*

Will try 2 upload those pics by tomorrow.... >.o

Friday, May 8, 2009



reli veri shueh recently...

Car railling full of ANTS (not 2 say full la, 10-20++), use sheltox 2 spray my whole car :'( ; then on the next day,
My car bumper being scratch by the motorbike while waiting at the trafic light, omg so shueh.. but luckily it doesn't leave any obvious scratches; then later,
I went to wash my car, my booth leak water & my pity laptop bag is soak with water, I realise it only when i reach home, omg lagi shueh (but lucikly my laptop is not wet, gd-going laptop bag); then later when i go back home,
My car is being knock by motorbike AGAIN at the side mirror, i wanna CRY d la..y so shueh de~~~ but my car is stil ok la; then later during the nite,
I scratch each of my knees continously at different places (my right knee bleed a lil, stil can walk la)...

haiz~~~duno y ll the things come 2 me at one time, mayb iam unluckily tat time~~ -.-

However, among all these blues, i had a lil event which brighten my dim--get my 2nd order jor lu...keke, a veri gd present for my bday ^^ hopefully everything will go right la =)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

lAte nEw hoMe


Its seems 2 be quite sometime since i shifted to my new house in Subang Jaya from Setapak (some frenz dun even noe that i had already shifted).

So here to reveal my new house look.

Iam staying alone now, of course i will be bearing the expensive rental all by myself (RM 340 without water & electric bill, fuyoh...)

Before i shift out, this is wat i left in my room for a few days. Only my thin thin tilam...

Here come my new room. 3 desk (grey) are provided by the owner but i shift 1 desk downstair cuz there is no extra space for me 2 put my book racks.

They even provide cupboard, so iam ended up wif 2 cupboards, so ZO DENG..

Bed rack (provided too), tilam, JJ near the door.

At last, no more this

And no more this...

Although feel abit lonely, no more walking room 2 room chatting wif my housemates, no more walking out 2 eat nasi lemak wif my housemate in tbr, no more sharing games and movies, no more birthday celebration in the house...
Mayb these are a challenge 2 me. Will try 2 adapt 2 new environment *but hate tat* =.=