Tuesday, December 23, 2008

$_$ money face

*yeah yeah*
Finally...finally...finally~~~i got my salary!!!!
Hard 2 describe my feeling when my HR manager pass the salary slip to me...
& i got my own EPF no....omg,iam getting old d,i dun1 =.=
My very very 1st own salary,earn-it-myself salary..(although i pernah freelance b4 la :P)
but if u wanna noe how much,juz ask me la...cant announce here,hehehe

Alot of things i wanna do leh,
-buy clothes la
-buy things for my parents and myself la
-treat my housemates eat la
-RM200 reserved for "somebody" la
-food la (wan go eat expensive de,hehe)
-save money for my car la
-other li li lo lo~~~~

Later,I will ended zero in my account & my pocket is goin 2 cry haha...

So,i no money d ya,dun ask me treat u all eat ark!!!

**Merry Chirstmas, jingle bell jingle bell jingle all the way** ^^y


Anonymous said...

Finally, u got ur 1st salary d ho....wahh, so many things u wanna do wor..... Reli happy to hear tat la... Congratulation!!! Hope I can own part of ur money thr la...hahaha!!! Anyway, keep those money carefully o..."How much you can keep is much moer important than how much you can earn o...:)"


elaine said...

wanna save money for my next car...