Monday, June 22, 2009

congrats 2 my gal...

Last sat morning went 2 my dearest lijuan's convo...
Finally get to attend her convo jor (gal, i waited so long leh...)
But we are very late tat day (late for almost 2 hours), cuz somebody overslept on tat day, hehe...
However, we still manage 2 give her our flower and tk a few photo 2gether wif her~~

Danny, Juan and me...u look great my dear~~

Vincent, Juan, Tong and me in front of TARC college hall...
After that we went to Four Season House near Carrefour for our lunch and all of us r so so hungry jor..

wah, y both of u look so fierce...

We order set lunch and this is our dessert.

Danny and I order chicken marryland only bcuz later we wanna have our 2nd round at 建记辣椒板面, my favourate mee...


p/s: tis month over budget jor, next month nid 2 pay installment for myvi summore... so so cham, my financial is so tight now cuz i wanted 2 save money for my travelling plan...
*i wan more commission*

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ling Ming Shan

Last sat nite (13-06-09), 5 cars--22 ppl, 9 gals & 13 guys start their journey at 12.30am in the middle of sat nite from Genting Klang (kai soon's house) to a mountain call "ling ming shan" in Kuantan.

After 2-3 hours of driving (san fu all the drivers), we stop at a rest house for a suprise birthday celebration. *the photos are at joan's camera*
Then we continue our journey....

Finally we reach kaki of LingMingShan at 5am (half way of our journey, we even met up a group of cows beside the road, very heavy mist, lost our way to the "malay kubur" =duno y the GPRS sot tat time, ahyer=)

Then all of us get ready our things- water, bag, tower, and most important thing is tourch light.. Up we go lo...

Walao, torturing for 1 hour, climbing stairs in the dark with our bag, we reach the top of the mountain at 6.00am with whole body of sweat and lembik kaki...

I finally cannot tahan jor, headache, stomachache, leg'ache all come.. so sat down wif & wait for sun rise.

6.30am, but can see part of the cloud jor, tat time everything is worth d

taken after the sun rise, thx jiamin for the photo

tis look like a photo frame

Sun rise jor... everybody bz capturing tis precious moment...

Except 4 all this guys bz taking their own photo other than the wonderful scenery..hehe

8am jor...time to turun bukit for our breakfast jor, stomach so pain & so sleepy..

Our drive & assistant driver: kai soon and danny.. On our way to waterfall~

Long bridge in LingMing, can let motorbike passby too, yengz~


thx for this 5 "ferrari" that bring us 350km away from KL...

Nice goin out wif u all guys ^^ *miss ya*

Our driver cannot tahan jor (cuz whole nite we din sleep leh), so our assistant driver tk over the steering.. *careful*

Although tis is a very very very very tiring x100 trip (especially those drivers, san fu lei dei la), but once i saw the scenery top of the mountain, everything is worth it...
Introduce to you all Ling Ming Shan, worth to make a trip up there..
But remember 2 bring all the essential things such as TOURCHLIGHT, water, tower, extra set of clothes (wear comfortably) and some bread so u can have it when u reach the destination...
*tired but hapi*

Friday, June 12, 2009

Away from stupid work...

2molo goin Ling Ming Shan (Kuantan) wif a bunch of my frenz...
Imagine a full sky of star, standing upon above the clouds looking at the sun-rise, oh my, *paradise*
I heard that 25 of us r goin, which means is 5 cars lo *wow*
Meeting at Genting Klang
So so excited and looking forward 2 it very very much...

Things 2 be brought:
- Mosquito repellent (moz important thing)
- Junk food (go picnic meh)
- Water (Jus is like a shui tong)
- T-shirt
- Tourch light
- Camera
- Sport shoes
(remind me if i had left out anything)

wanna get away from all the quotation, all the tender, sebutharga, problems, matters and money~~

***Just sent my cousin to UK at KLIA yesterday nite, reminds me off last yr my cousin sent me off for my summer programme.
1 year d fast...
last yr he & his family (of course include my family la) wave 2 me at the boarding entrance, now pula me & my dad (of course include his family la, eh, so familiar de) sent him off...
Wanted to go so so much, almost wanna hide in his luggage & go UK wif him *giggle*

So funny rite?? miss those days la,
Everybody JIAYOU!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My baby, muackss new baby is here jor..
Suits my color, my taste, my number and my pattern...
I will tk veri gd care of u de ok??
Will wash u every week, if i got the time la...hehe

1st sight of my baby, at perodua center..

Sight view of baby, the plastic oso have tk out yet..

The one and onli 1st 99th km

This my 1st ever car that i reali owned without other ppl's help (although my dad help me with the down payment la :P)
But this also indicate that 1 more commitment in my life.
Need to have more planing for my every month financial as it is becoming more and more tight.
*be strong and independent gal*