Friday, February 20, 2009



confusing so confusing ah...

Want me to quote or not to quote....*my dearest manager*

yesterday u say yes~~ but now u say no~~ alamak....wan ye meh...

Alot of email nid 2 reply d,desk so messy d, so many customer nid 2 follow-up, enquiry kip coming in...

but better than nth 2 do in office la..hehe (curi tulang 4 awhile)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

sicky yeeling is here again...

I am sick again

muscle pain

Y i wanted to work hard in my carrier, there will be some obstacle in front of me~~
dun dare 2 tell my parents,sure kena scolding from them & make them more worry..

duno whether my sickness is caused by a tiny-miny mosquito leh?? *scare scare*
my fren ask me 2 go see doctor & blood check...but iam afraid 2 do so & try 2 psycho myself "i will be fine in no time"

HUA TUO,where r u?? come & help me~~
My newest 2009 new yr resolution is --->>dun get sick again!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So so so sorry..

Long time din updated my blog here~~

As me this bz gal is stil busying my own things (sometimes i oso duno wat iam busying)...

Hopefully, i shall update all my blog a few days later (all at one go) --provided i have the time & my internet is goin smooth la...keke...

sorry 2 my fans ya (wahaha, dun beat me)