Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sg shopping lo..

went bac JB last week~~
with my passport along wif me..
Cuz iam goin sg 2 shop shop shop, hehe *so hapi*

1st time passing through the new custom by walking instead of driving with Jus..
Feel quite ok la, not too many ppl like those normal days...

Meet my sis in her hostel & 1st time taking the bus without knowing when to get down
After that, shopping time lo...
Din have many pics to tk when iam shopping..
But at least i stop down to have some of this christmas pics...

Reli like christmas atmosphere, make me feel hapi & cozy

Bugis Junction

After that, we went to have our lunch in Sushi Tei..
Some ppl said sg's food is not as gd as in msia (if u r singaporean, dun come & find me ya)
& I reali felt wat they mean...
Even this high class sushi restaurant doesnt reach up to my level...
I still preferred msia's sushi~~
Only tis beef taste gd, others ma ma onli...

Cheese scallop and mix sashimi

Cheese salmon wif duno-wat topping

Din have enough shopping as wat i had expected..
But at least i bought one dress at the last minute b4 steppin in the MRT bac home :P
Waiting my 2nd round of shopping in Msia ^^