Saturday, December 6, 2008

i always tot....

do u ever say i love u to ur father??

honestly & theoritically, a N-O, NO for me~~~

during my childhood time, i always tot tat my dad's precious daughter is my youngest sister.. but this stupid thinking terminate after my dad company me for one whole week in kl...

i always tot tat my dad will buy things for my meimei whenever she say she wanted it~
i always tot tat my dad will tuck in money into her pocket automatically whenever she needed it..
i always tot tat my dad sayang my meimei more than me & my jie~~
i always tot tat my dad was not proud of me like how he was so so proud of my meimei in Sg..

all these ridiculous i-always-tot dissappear in my brain., this few days, he reali reali took care of me & i reali never try how 2 appreciate my dad's deed..papa,u see,how bad is this daughther..

i din notice that i can love & miss my dad until i dun feel like letting my dad go bac jb when i hug him..
i oso din learn how 2 appreciate until my manager told me to cuz her dad pass away after her 1st job last time...& this incident is like a-pail-of-water-pour-onto-my-head feeling which reli wakes me up..
i din know i will cry until tat extend while i was watchin a love-story movie (love-story leh ^twilight^) is not a veri touch part (cuz Alen din cry), it is juz a part where a daughter nid 2 pretend 2 scold her dad & that reminds me abt my dad (i cried until i cant speak to my fren, in the cinema, Alen rite??)

So, for those ppl that u need to care, start learn how 2 appreciate ppl although its juz a simple action~~~

papa, i love u


aLen_chU said...
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aLen_chU said...

rite,rite,rite,i saw tat...
mayb is the air-cond too cold... so my tear freeze d~~~

Every parent love their children 1!!! hehe, Sha Po~~~

cindy khor said...

AAwwww....Touched...**wipe away tear**

ambrose said...

ei, but u can speak well after that wo...sure geng until i dunno??