Tuesday, December 30, 2008


1 more day~1 more day~1 more day 2 go.....2008 will be the past & 2009 will be ahead of us..

lets think bac...

have we done anything meaningful??
have we done the things that we r suppose 2 do??
are we filial 2 our parents??
do we always waste our time doin all those li li lo lo things??
do we brush our teeth everynite?? (heh,dun laugh..some of them din brush de leh)

If there is any answer which is "no"...then 2009 muz JIAYOU lo...i wan earn alot of money 2 buy new car & bring my family go tour... *yeah yeah*

Where 2 go celebrate?? genting??Sg.wang??BBQ again??
How 2 celebrate?? wif lover??frenz??
GOD~~~pls give me an answer,any answer oso can
I wan 2 see fire work leh...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Weird cHrisTmas celeBratiOn

wahaha....normally what will u do during christmas celebration??
enjoy wif ur lover??candle light dinner??party in ur frenz house??go shopping??

for us, we decided 2 do an extraordinary things on the actual day...which is......paddy field---Seekichan (i duno whether the spelling correct or nt la)...Actuali our main aim there is to take alot of green green artistic photo (as wat joan told us).but all came our abit yellowish as most of the paddy being burned.
we (7 of us) went there by using jason's Avanza where the poor 2 guys,yankeat & allen sit at the back & end up like a cat & dog shouting on top of their voice (bisingnya)....walao,we wan talk in front oso cannot...

me wif joan's bear bear

Lovely couple: Annies and Jason

Lovely couple 2: Daming and Joan

Yankeat,me,Daming & Annies in paddy field

erm...i oso duno wat they r doin

After the photo taking session,we went 2 kuala selangor 2 eat seafood (yankeat lo,kip shouting wanna eat seafood,beh tahan him)...then later we cant control ourself, u la,gals cant control theirselves when mentioned abt CHEONG K...correct gals??

So we done somethine veri spendrift---cheong k at the nite of christmas, 12am-4am...expensive leh, RM46 per person...not cheap wor..but we reali enjoy our time there,long time din sing until so shiok liao...

yummy yummy

me, annies and jason at neway time square..

Annies u gd lo,jason sing song so nice 2 listen,u can always asked him 2 sing 4 u....

3 sampat jimuis...muackks

bAd dAugther

I realise that iam a bad daughter...

since i start my work, i seldom call bac home (although last time i oso seldom call bac d la)...mayb iam bz working so no time & din tk an effort 2 call bac gua~~~

I got a 5 days holiday straight put for me & actualli i had a chance 2 go bac home,but i din...instead, i choose 2 celebrate christmas in kl wif my frenz....

then suddenly,there is this call by my meimei on friday nite & asked me whether i wanna go bac home 2 celebrate my mum's bday or not...

Actualli i plan 2 rest at home during sat, sun & mon but i suddenly remember that my mum's bday next yr is her 50th bday...So, i decided 2 go bac home in the next morning & i bought a RM160 estee lauder perfume 4 her (RM 160 leh, heart pain)...

However, my dad told me that there is no more bus ticket available 4 me 2 come bac on monday...So, i cant go bac jb..i cant i cant i cant celebrate my mum's bday...

Can heard that my mum is abit sad & dissapointed,she oso say "aiyo,no nid say sori la...if got heart, u d come bac d la.." *if got heart,u d com bac d la...* These hurts me alot,makes me feel that iam not a filial daughter...

Mama,iam veri veri sori....i noe ur 50th bday meant alot 2 u,but ur this stupid daughter cant even be at ur side...next time i bou fan sou lo, ok??

I LOVE U!!! ^^

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

$_$ money face

*yeah yeah*
Finally...finally...finally~~~i got my salary!!!!
Hard 2 describe my feeling when my HR manager pass the salary slip to me...
& i got my own EPF no....omg,iam getting old d,i dun1 =.=
My very very 1st own salary,earn-it-myself salary..(although i pernah freelance b4 la :P)
but if u wanna noe how much,juz ask me la...cant announce here,hehehe

Alot of things i wanna do leh,
-buy clothes la
-buy things for my parents and myself la
-treat my housemates eat la
-RM200 reserved for "somebody" la
-food la (wan go eat expensive de,hehe)
-save money for my car la
-other li li lo lo~~~~

Later,I will ended zero in my account & my pocket is goin 2 cry haha...

So,i no money d ya,dun ask me treat u all eat ark!!!

**Merry Chirstmas, jingle bell jingle bell jingle all the way** ^^y

Thursday, December 18, 2008

sickly yee ling

sick sick sick,yee ling is veri veri sick now~~~

long time din sick until the extend that my voice sound like a guy,haha...then iam a "temporary Agua" now... *opps*

my cough actually been drag for 2 weeks d..(fall sick during the 2nd day of my work actually, soooo weak =x)
then finally yesterday,my cough burst into sore throat,fever,headache,cough and now flu)...

seen the doctor twice (but luckily can claim from my company la), 1st time cant recover,2nd time onli feel abit better...gd but look abit hamsap doctor,hehe...

=( cant eat my LA JIAO BAN MIAN d(chow kit geh,if u all wanna eat, i bring u all go ya)...i wanna eat veri veri much...so when i recover,i go eat every weekend la,who wan company me eat??hehe

so if u dun1 being frighten by my man voice,dun call me oh... :P

Monday, December 15, 2008

jingles part 2


here come christmas collection part 2~~~

got another collection of my christmas tree photo...this time the location is at KLCC~~

cuz the tree is way too tall, so i took the photo at 2nd floor, *thx 2 Alen the photographer* although his skill is not as gd as mine la...hehe

after that, we went PC fair (a veri memorable event 4 me ^^) & finally i got my mic d, *hapi hapi*

KLCC christmas tree...hehe

close up close up

Saturday, December 13, 2008

jingle all the way...

12 days to go for me 2 sing "jingle bell" & for us 2 have our hands full of presents (izit?*wondering*)

but this yr's christmas its like a troubled-christmas...cuz i got lot of things 2 think~~

shifting problem, money problem, office problem, my laziness problem, everything la...

shoo shoo...all go away...i wan 2 have a real chritmas this yr...

Therefore (wah,use therefore wor, write karangan meh), i had a target, which is to collect all the christmas decorations displayed in every shopping complex (ok, actuali not all la,no time unless i no nid work la...)

basically, i had onli 2 now...so hopefully i can collect more la...who wanna compete wif me??can tell me ya, no present for winner la.. except for u jiejie,i noe u had a huge, oh not huge, is enourmous collection of ur christmas stuff...ur collection to me is juz like a mount everest compete wif genting highlands...haha

christmas tree in Jusco JB

Christmas tree in sunway piramid

*haha...juz nice that iam wearing the same shirt 2 tk the photo despite that it is different day

Saturday, December 6, 2008

i always tot....

do u ever say i love u to ur father??

honestly & theoritically, a N-O, NO for me~~~

during my childhood time, i always tot tat my dad's precious daughter is my youngest sister.. but this stupid thinking terminate after my dad company me for one whole week in kl...

i always tot tat my dad will buy things for my meimei whenever she say she wanted it~
i always tot tat my dad will tuck in money into her pocket automatically whenever she needed it..
i always tot tat my dad sayang my meimei more than me & my jie~~
i always tot tat my dad was not proud of me like how he was so so proud of my meimei in Sg..

all these ridiculous i-always-tot dissappear in my brain., this few days, he reali reali took care of me & i reali never try how 2 appreciate my dad's deed..papa,u see,how bad is this daughther..

i din notice that i can love & miss my dad until i dun feel like letting my dad go bac jb when i hug him..
i oso din learn how 2 appreciate until my manager told me to cuz her dad pass away after her 1st job last time...& this incident is like a-pail-of-water-pour-onto-my-head feeling which reli wakes me up..
i din know i will cry until tat extend while i was watchin a love-story movie (love-story leh ^twilight^)..it is not a veri touch part (cuz Alen din cry), it is juz a part where a daughter nid 2 pretend 2 scold her dad & that reminds me abt my dad (i cried until i cant speak to my fren, in the cinema, Alen rite??)

So, everybody...care for those ppl that u need to care, start learn how 2 appreciate ppl although its juz a simple action~~~

papa, i love u

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

3 days of training

These 3 days in office,is nth but juz product training...
everyday sit in the cold cold function room & listen 2 those product manager giving us information abt their products & instruments..

"rotary pump, diaphragm pump, chamber & tube furnaces"....
blur blur when listen 2 all these names, mei ban fa la..i nid 2 memorize all the model names bcuz i nid 2 sell all these products.

2day lagi sienz~~~
after the morning training, i sit at my desk & look at the laptop for the whole afternoon, abt those products again....fishing at my desk too, duno whether my colleague saw it or not *keke*

But luckily i have my lunch wif another colleague which is also new 2 the company (2 months onli), hapi 2 know new frenz...^^

& my leader told me that i have 1 annual leave ^^ *so hapi*...cuz i tot probation period dun hav leave geh, & she told me how 2 tk leave summore..she ask me 2 off on the 26th dec cuz it is a friday, 25th is christmas & 29th is awal muharam....So,can have 5 days holiday, yeah yeah, think oso veri hapi, keke~~

"jingle bell jingle bell jingle all the way,
all wat fun, it is 2 ride in the one was open sledge (abit wrong spelling??) heh"

sori sori,christmas mood again...i wan present~~~

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

veri chAm de wOrkINg life

2day is the 2nd day of my work...onli 1 word that can discribe abt me---> CHAM~~~

=sore throat= eat dominos and mcD for lunch
=cold in office= air-con direct to me
=sienz= everyday product trainin,lecture whole day
=tired= drive for 2 hour everyday 2 shah alam
=running nose=

although i got my own table, but empty, so i put my beg ontop of my table 2 make it "feel" occupied,keke...& nobody talk 2 me in office oso, u noe la, iam such a talkative gal..

So, hopefully 2molo everything will fine la....pls pls plss plssss~~~

anyway, christmas is coming...this yr's christmas mood extra strong, feel wanna tuck myself in those beautiful lighting & those wonderful songs...
*Merry christmas everybody*