Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thrown away

Suddenly felt being left out..

Iam always alone..

Wherever i go,watever i do, there will be empty spaces beside me..

Iam what Iam now since Iam small.. The one who always hide at the corner, sitting there having nth in my mind..

Nobody will notice my appearance if i juz kept quiet..

No talking, no fun, no sharing, no asking, no concerning, no no no(as far as I concern)

"Be independent, Be strong, Be brave, Be a powerful gal" Muahahahahaha

No pain No gain~~~

**yesterday dream abt a terrible accident (again), so scary** down period

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


u see....

My poor leg...

Injuries all over~~

CNY oso nid 2 buy plaster...alamak~~

This yr sure is a clumsy yr for me... *wish me luck*

A taste of my buds

suddenly feel like putting up the food that i crave for..
long time din put them in my mouth d, makes my mouth feel watery...
all are hometown food where i can juz find it in my hometown (as far as i noe la)

My homemade porridge, with carrot,cheese sausage, FAT CHOI and chicken. All at one go, some1 will think that tis is abit disgusting,but yummy to me...

is the name we is difficult 2 find this in kl, can some1 tell me where 2 find tis??

all the pig-internal were serve with kueh tiao and matches veri well with their homemade chili,omg *paradise*...its so delicous tat i have it for my lunch everday..

Next time i bring you all go eat tis la....
BUT...u nid 2 place booking wif me 1st as iam a veri bz gal...wahahaha *dun beat me*

Saturday, January 17, 2009

mixture of red & blue mood

hmm...nowadays reali do not have the time & effort 2 blog~~ *gonna get scolding my sis again, blek*

Actualli not i dun wanna blog, is the laziness in my mind had meng'conquer'kan body saya... Everyday reach home d veri tired, after putting down my beg & keys, 1st thing 2 do is 2 open my laptop & being stuck there for the whole nite at facebook and skype~~(btw, who got skype? add mai me leh... "she_ling")

Lazy la...Dun have the effort 2 squeeze words & ideas out of my head as y english & creativity can throw in the longkang jor~~

Anyway,CNY is coming...heard others say that this yr do have much cny mood~~~ mayb we start working d, or i din help my mum buy CNY things for our new yr preparation...

Aiks....this yr angpow mayb will SOK SHUI liao....cuz start 2 have income jor, tats y the isi kandungan of my red packet will reduce...kaka~~~A few more yrs later i mayb giving out angpow tim... *walao* scary~~~

Dun laugh at me....cuz u will be the next... wahahhaa


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I juz get 2 noe from my sis that her ex met a veri terrible car accident...

2 of her fren's fren had gone 2 a far far way land & her ex was in ICU now~~~ *speechless*

i got the shock of my can this happen??

All those crying-scene,hospital-scene & car-crashing-scene like appear beside me for a sudden which strikes my head & makes me difficult 2 show a smile on my face.

Start 2 worry about my sis in UK...hope she will get over this incidence soon & pick up her mood for work d...Wish she will be fine anyway~~~

Life is reli veri unpredictable..anytime, anywhere and anything might happen on us (touch wood 2 say) Do the things that u wanna do, love the ones u love, buy the things u wanna buy, eat the food u wanna eat (but not until tat extend) .... juz dun let urself regret~~~

So..... who wann company me go eat la jiao ban mian ???

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Boy Gal mAtter


y there are stil guys think that gals are should stay at home as a housewife than working outside as a business woman...

This incidence happen during my customer visit in one of the university near Bangi (i think u all noe which U le gua,dun wanna say out,later kena shoot).."He" is a typical-tradisional-thinking man.He asked me where i graduated and wif wat qualification, i said TARC & Advanced Diploma, but i wanted 2 tell him tat i got a degree cert from a twinning program. B4 i can finish my sentence, he interupted me & say:

"Cukup cukup, gals no nid 2 study so much de.. Woman should stay at home & man is the one who should work outside. Just dun understand y there are so many perempuan work nowadays. Woman more than man. Last time ah, man is veri strong, cuz man nid 2 work...blah blah & so on......"

Walao, so cuan meh..but i cant talk bac 2 him cuz he is my collegeaue's customer.
Come on...time had changed d buddy~~~no more man working outside woman working more woman cooking and man sweating...

Nowadays,woman start 2 come out 2 work & have our own ability 2 lighten the family's burden (economy is getting worse). We, woman (erm,lady la...sound more elegant) can be a successful business woman (like my mum) ok?? We can even see some of the guys learn how 2 cook & tk care of the family...
THIS IS ONLY CALLED PART OF THE FAMILY OK??!! (i dun mean tat guys are weak ya *blink*)

Everybody fair & square

Did u heard abt gals power?? Gals can be strong too., So, dun bully we gals.. One day, the leader of a country may turn out to be a lady. Gals, be strong in everything, dun let others look down upon u oh ^^

*We can do it yes*

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Say shoo 2 holiday mood

wooo...1st blog of the yr...
finally....all the christmas holidays, new yr holidays, public holidays, school holidays are over~~~

^Dark sky starts 2 shine at the east, birds start 2 chirp, school bells start 2 ring, road start 2 jam, school bus start 2 honk, children start 2 cry. It is just like blooming of a new life in
a brand new 2009~~^

Muz clear off all my holiday mood and concentrate in my work..Everyday force myself out bed at 6.45am and push myself into the bathroom wif my half open eyes.
In order 2 have the "semangat" to work, i need to psycho myself by kip saying " I LOVE MY JOB, I LOVE MY JOB" 2 myself non-stop...A fresh morning wif fresh air makes a fresh me (breath in air, but still feel sleepy,haha)
Need to change new car le, so i cant let myself 2 be too relax & lazy...nid 2 beat bum bum liao *piak piak*

So, can stop writing blog & got mood start work d??