Wednesday, December 3, 2008

3 days of training

These 3 days in office,is nth but juz product training...
everyday sit in the cold cold function room & listen 2 those product manager giving us information abt their products & instruments..

"rotary pump, diaphragm pump, chamber & tube furnaces"....
blur blur when listen 2 all these names, mei ban fa la..i nid 2 memorize all the model names bcuz i nid 2 sell all these products.

2day lagi sienz~~~
after the morning training, i sit at my desk & look at the laptop for the whole afternoon, abt those products at my desk too, duno whether my colleague saw it or not *keke*

But luckily i have my lunch wif another colleague which is also new 2 the company (2 months onli), hapi 2 know new frenz...^^

& my leader told me that i have 1 annual leave ^^ *so hapi*...cuz i tot probation period dun hav leave geh, & she told me how 2 tk leave summore..she ask me 2 off on the 26th dec cuz it is a friday, 25th is christmas & 29th is awal muharam....So,can have 5 days holiday, yeah yeah, think oso veri hapi, keke~~

"jingle bell jingle bell jingle all the way,
all wat fun, it is 2 ride in the one was open sledge (abit wrong spelling??) heh"

sori sori,christmas mood again...i wan present~~~


cindy khor said... sien one ah..aiyo..but no choice lah... have to earn money... its "sleigh"... wei...if can oh, go to stay near ur company, ok?? papa pay a lot for your toll and petrol leh...

kian hseung said...

yaya move to klang~~!!! haha

Anonymous said...

add oil, I noe u can do it...
jia you

elaine said...

yalo,abit sien,but 2day better cuz i went out wif my manager 2 meet customer,scare scare

kian hseung:
u wan me 2 move 2 klang ah?? u help me find house lo...

u muz support me gah~~^^