Thursday, June 10, 2010

Relax among all the work-loads

I am here
For a few minutes which I can spare only for now
To update my blog

Going to Phuket in 3 more weeks time
Hope everything will be fine
For our trip

=End of story=

Hehe (very quick update =p)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

no tiME!!!

Really dun have time
No time with
Chit chat wif Jus
My blog
My family
My long-time-no-see frenz
Shopping, movie, entertainment
* since when i last do all this things*

My life left working only
Is working that important
Working is not that very important actually
Is MONEY which makes working Important

But let ur work fill up most of the time in ur life
Dun make urself regret
Regret for not doing something u like...

So, I will always let myself
Do something that I like sometimes... *although it maybe tiring*
But at least I had tried

^^Post up my recent photo, I think u all might be abit shock ^^

Ya, I dye my hair
Din expect it to come out so "yellowish"
Becuz I tot I told him brown...
Nvm, Jus say ok, then ok lo~~
Summore, my boss din say anything oso...
So, let it be... *guan ta * :P

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Finally, here comes my family potrait

Waited for the photo for quite sometime d...
Very eager to see how the photos come out
Find it not bad
*At least iam not bad la* :P

Wanted a family potrait very long time d
Since my sis is bac to Msia for 2 weeks
Then, quickly grab this opportunity (ya, reali use grab)

Went back JB last 3 weeks
It has been 3 yrs since 5 of us gather 2gether
& finally got the chance to cram wif my sis at the back of the car
Duno when will be our next time leh?? (sis went to Japan d.. T.T)

wow, cantiknya

Wow, lagi cantik

We went our own clothes
As they din provide us for the gowns
But the makeup is inside the package
Feel so nervous
=1st time=

Jie, she makeup herself *geng*

Me me, almost done

Mei mei, i think this is her 1st make up in her entire life, :P (i mean sec sch life)

Steal the specs from the makeup stylist
& force my sis to wear wif me
Mum too, but she doesnt want me to put up
She paiseh la

All of us so cute la

The studio, being stopped by the photographer after taking this photo.. so kiam siap, dun let me tk the pic, u tot iam spy meh... *cheh*

3 jiemui cum leng lui


After the photography session
We went for dinner
Wif all of our makeup on
I think ppl will think
Y this family go for ball izit

Will miss our family gathering
Hope to say "5 person" everytime we walk into the restaurant/cafe
Instead of 4 or 3 person
Fast fast come bac ah

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another separation again

I sent my papa & sis
Cuz, they are going to Japan
My sis will be working in Japan for 3 yrs
Which means that I am not going to see her for 3 yrs =again=
My dad will be goin to settle down her things
& make sure she is ok over there

Feel so sad
The feeling is so bad
Will miss my jiejie very much~~
& iam so stupid
4get to tk picture wif her
stupid stupid me *knock my own head*

**Not very smooth recently, try very hard to keep myself away all those sad things, bad words & moodiness~~ ==

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

OT at home again~~

OT'ing again
hou cham ah~~
hopefully this time can success
in my order
sure fatt dat

If i succeed, i promise
i will treat all of you (yeah u, no nid to turn ur head)
who read this blog
one big big treat

i promise... *pray hard & work hard too*

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Life start to get empty
I am not sure wat am i pursuing
except to live wat Iam suppose to

Nid to start to adapt to things which I dun like
Get use to separation, from family-personwhoilove-siblings-frenz
Sis going Japan soon, another one going to start school soon in SG
Everybody has gone bac to their place
To do wat they are suppose to do
Bac to my USJ room, as usual
Only loneliness and silentness welcome me
Eating alone everyday
instead of eating wif frenz everyday outside our house *now is dapao*

Working life
Try very hard to filter out those which are bad
Bad news, bad customers, bad attitude, betrayal
Hope I wont hate my job too much
I love money, so I cant give up easily
But, its sometime too difficult for me

I needed some motivation
from you you & you *still*

Anyway, I dun wanna ruin ur day wif my moodiness too, so the world is stil beautiful actually if you look into it in another way... ^^

p/s: Just came bac from hometown & my family potrait done in the studio...althought it is slightly expensive, but I am very very satisfied wif the outcome (especially my parents).. Will upload it very soon when I get the soft copy..Can't wait for it =)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Big dAy~~

Finally is Friday
Got the time for blogging~

Last Sunday,
Is our anniverssary
1st anniverssary
We decided quite long where to celebrate~~
At the end, we choose to dine at Pavillion- Itallian on Sixth

Some of the self-potraits :P

The waiter even pull the chair for me...

I wonder why all of the itallian restaurant has this starter..
Orange juice & long island tea
Always heard this cocktail being ordered in the show, so try & see how it goes..
But the taste abit weird to me

Seafood pasta cream sauce
The amount is quite a small portion.. but quite filling oh~~

Lamp shank with a very weird "grass" pluck inside the bone
Yummy, sedap-nya

Full full full

After the dinner

Total expenditure: RM 145.50
Woah, expensive dinner for two person onli
Occassionally, act as high class ppl
Feels gd too... :P

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Year New Hair Style + presents

Happy CNY
Huat arrr
When for alot of visiting (photos will be uploaded later bcuz~~~ I DUN HAVE ENUF TIME!!)
Get alot of angpow & presentsss too

Change hairstyle b4 CNY
feel the same to me
juz the front become shorter

Got my belated valentines present
It is abit late
but iam stil happy
Thx jus... *muackkss*

The rose which came all the way from Cheras at 1am midnight ^^ *touch*

& this is
My advance bday present from my parents...
thx papa mama *muackkkssss*


The purse cost us RM 138 (i think) & marbeline lipstick for RM 15++
Dun scold me for buying such expensive purse
Cuz it has 40% discount and RM 50 voucher
So, ended up it cost us onli RM 40++
*so worth it*
(actually i wanted to buy another bag which is RM200++ but not worth the price)

This is my 1st branded thing leh
I dun have any branded things in my room (even my shoes)
*except....... erm...hmm.....reali nth tat i can think of*

p/s: S.H.E is coming next sat oh...looking very very very forward to their concert, i think i will start quieing up at 2pm, hehe


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy CNY

I am back...
Bac from Perak

Lots of things happen
During tis CNY~~

House got new kitchen cabinet
Cut my hair
Went visiting relatives at North
4got to bring license back *cant help dad to drive*
Somebody left us
My jie suprise us wif somethin
Jus coming bac ^^
Piles of office work

Feel very exhausted
But happy

Y CNY passby so fast
Now, iam older by one yr d

Hope everybody enjoy their long holiday
& able to find bac their working mood too
*I think iam saying tis to myself*


Monday, February 8, 2010

^^ S.H.E^^

Yeah yeah
I am so happy
Tis time is really really happy~~

3 yrs... i waited for 3 yrs
Finally i got to watch their concert---
I think all of my frenz noe tat
=I love S.H.E alot=
But everytime they have their concert or come to Msia
I sure miss their performance..
Tis time
Muz muz muz go~~

My valentines present... thx jus~~ *muackks*
(the best valentines present i ever get)

Seating- RM198

p/s: 5 more days to go for CNY!!! *hapi hapi* but after that no more pubilic holiday liao...sienzzzzzzz

Saturday, February 6, 2010

立春 ^^

Heard My FM DJ said
Today is Li Chun
Which means that
All the eggs will stand

I din try it in the morning
because i was working

When i went back home
I 4get about it totally
Until, my housemate knock my door
"elaine elaine"
We made it
Our eggs stand

Curiously, excitedly & happily
I took my camera & rush downstairs
Din seen this scene with my own eyes
Can't believe that the eggs reali stand

Duno whats the reason behind
Anybody now?

P2050005 P2050003

P2050001 P2050004

p/s: booked air-ticket to Phuket d luu.. although abit expensive, but stil feel very hapi

*pray reali reali hard for sunny weather within that 4 days, rain rain go awayyyy*

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Testing Testing

Just get to know another way to post blogs from my fren

Windows Live Writer”

So wanna try using this application to post up my pictures and words~~


I preferred this because it is more convenient

Iam able to write my name on the photos, which i do not have that software

& there are other more application in this writer

Am goin to explore more in future ^^

So shiok-nya...

My frenz

Have gathering with my sec school frenz
Its been 7 yrs since i saw them bac in school
Reali happi to meet them bac

LiPing, AiWei and me~~
We went to ss2
"Gei Dak Sek" dessert cafe
I din tk many photos of the food
We are all bz talking and updating each & ourself

AiWei- now in Serdang, working as a nutritionist
SimMei- juz shift 2 paramount wif bf, working as a IT consultant
LiPing- staying in PJ & studying psycology. Mayb next time can find her if mental got any problems, hehe

My best jimui- SimMei. Abit sayang cuz my another best fren din come

Hapi to meet u all up yesterday nite
(although we went home abit late)
Hope that next time we can bring out all of our bf
& go paktor 2gether (as wat we had planned)