Wednesday, April 29, 2009

LiFe is uNpredicCtabLe

My company is not doing very well recently, i mean in terms of "feng shui".
Everybody are chasing for time, being scold by customer, fall sick....

This few days, I get to know that my pregnant colleague has some problem with her baby gal.
At first when she went for check-up, doctor told her that her baby had a hole in the heart, but still yet to be confirm after a full check-up and scaning. Today, she had been informed by her doctor that her baby had down-syndrome. *Shock* It is really heart-breaking to see a very cheerful lady turning into a silent and sad person, haiz~~~

I can't believe that this situation is happening around me, normally we will just see these cases in tv or newspaper, but it eventually happens beside me.

Hopefully she can make it over this tough period. "jiayou gal, u can make it de....remember u still have us supporting u in office oh" *pray hard for you*

p/s: Post this blog is not to remind her about all this sad things, is juz 2 give another reminder to all of u out there, life is veri precious, try 2 cherish every time & moment in ur life...
I noe everybody is bz earning money in such a down economy period, but i think sometimes we may lost our direction upon tonnes and tonnes of works.

So, dun forget 2 look up above ur bundle of files in office, relax for awhile. Have some times with ur loves one. ^^ (as i cant always be together with my love ones)

*jiayou everybody*

& thx to my parents for giving me such a gd health & life *love u all*

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My 1st time

everybody got their 1st time...

eh eh ehh...dun misunderstood... the "1st time" that i mentioned refers to the things that we reali do or happens for the 1st time.

*such as*
1st time being kiss, 1st time drive car, 1st time open ur mouth & shouted rudely to ur parents, 1st time hanging out late wif ur frenz, 1st time being lock out of own house without having keys on our hands~~~

Well, I have my very 1st time which makes my day bright...
I got my 1st order happy when receive my PO from my support team.. u noe wat, not only iam the 1 who have smilling face, my colleague, manager oso feel hapi 4 me & even congratulate me...

Maybe it is bcuz i work in my office for a period jor and waited very long time 4 this order. & they feel that my effort is nt wasted. hehe ^^*quite suprise that my manager feels hapi 4 me & congratulate me :P*

Thanks to you ya Mr.Lim, u r my 1st customer... u r recorded in Yee Ling's book of records. wakakakaka

If u have problem wif ur heart (choi....), can try tis place, quite pro geh... cuz Dr.Mahathir came here to do operation b4... >.<

p/s: who wanna be in "my book of records", can try 2 achieve something great and special together wif me...but no prize given la :P

-----> will come out wif more "1st time" in future...try my best~~~

Thursday, April 2, 2009

beComE 4 dAys of sArAwAk'ian

Last week, my colleague & i went 2 srwk~~
Not 2 play oh, is for not shiok at all, feel stress tim..
Din go for outing on the 1st day and 2nd day, juz go customer visit & customer training. We waited until the 3rd day only have the time 2 go around & tk photo or go shopping (dun even talk abt it, the biggest shopping complex in kuching is smaller than carrefour, for wat i see la..)

Spend alot too for this trip... habis la, all my money in my bank account.
Not only spend alot, I EAT ALOT too, if i continue my stay in Kuching, i think i sure bcome fat.
Now only i noe tat not only Sarawak Kon Loo Mee is famous in Srwk but also Laksa...walao...damn delicous, i miss the laksa the most for the whole trip...
Muz try out if step into Srwk.
Anyway, this trip makes me learn how 2 be more independent & 2 be strong

*yeah* get 2 tk photo wif this kuching, the trade mark of Kuching

Tis is where we stay for our 4 days in Kuching

Before meeting our 1st customer, tk 1 photo for rememberance..

Before our dinner in Hock Lee Centre

My colleague, Ruby, she say she dun like 2 tk photo, but i force her to...hehe

Hmm..stil waiting for our 1st kon loo mee in Srwk

This is how kon loo mee look like, but taste wise is not as nice as wat i expected..

This is asam pedas ikan+nasi for my lunch next day.. taste yummy (i think as long as the food is spicy& sour, it will be yummy to me,keke)

A very big meal treated by our dealer in Srwk, Mr.Tay & he kip mention tat whether i blog or not cuz he saw me taking photos of the food.. thx alot for ur meal...
(additionally, this meal cost us only RM 45 for 3 of us & we cant finish so cheap)

Hmm... although Srwk food attracts me alot, i still prefer KL life...cuz Kuching's life is juz like...juz like.. juz UK's life, which means tat no night life, except for the weather is hot here la..not yamcha life for me is d*mn sien lo, ok~~

*hehe* :P

pArt oF my liFe

Wat changes my life...

This is wat he bring back for me from UK..Like it very much, cant bear 2 put it in my mouth..

This is wat he gave to me during valentines day, through his frenz hand, when he is stil in UK.

This is who the "he" is...

I admit that i was inmature in handling all my "precious", which make me grow alot.

But i will try my very best 2 hold on 2 anything tat i wanted & wat iam able to do.

He....makes me change alot ^^ thx jus~~~

*p/s: finally got the time 2 update some of my things, my jie is making alot of noise jor...dun scole me la :P