Friday, March 27, 2009

Save our earth~~~

*yo man*

Off your light on the 28th of March for 1 hour...starting from 8.30-9.30 pm Msia time.

Even KLCC is shutting of their blink blink, 8TV is stopping their programs, me off'ing all ma lights & com in ma room, KLIA stopping all their flights in the air (izit? nah...i blah oni)~~

Since we do not do recycle so often, or even have the ability to save the world...As one of the small part in the world, why not contributing some of our energy by shutting off ur light for 1 hour..

1 hour onli ma...wat can u do in this 1 hour???

dun tell me u r scare of dark...(iam scare of dark too)~~
dun tell me u r lazy to juz walk 2 ur sius & push the button~~
dun tell me u wanna bath in this hour~~
dun tell me u will miss ur lao gong or lao po's face without looking at them for 1 hour~~

i will boo u... *blek*

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This day is a very special and memorable day for me~~~

A day that determines my life in future~~~

Whether to be hapi or to be sad~~~

Not sure whether my decision is correct or not~~~

%%Wish me luck...%%


Saturday, March 7, 2009


Last sunday, went out wif my coursemate KIM jimui to 1U for gathering...
Iam quite geng leh...cuz find parking by my own self...wahahaha.

Din meet them since iam bac from UK & felt guilty la cuz din contact & update wif them~~
We went 2 a cafe named "Delicous" wif all the yummy deserts and western foods.

Actually i dun plan 2 go there for gathering as i heard it is quite expensive from my fren...

3 pretties: Cass, Ying and Ling

My main course: Cabonara spagetti...walao,full of cheese,so so zai~~~

My dessert: Chocolate brownies wif vanilla ice-cream *yummy*

My fren's salmon sandwich,duno wat taste is that cuz i din try,keke~~

After lunch, Ying, Nel Nel and me~~

Taste wise for this place is quite nice but juz dun lik the pricing...makes my purse wanna cry =.=

P/S: Nah...YGF members, got prove here ah...dun kip say i din go sing k wif u all, i got things 2 do leh~~

Monday, March 2, 2009

new look~~ new target~~

Suddenly feel lik cutting my hair~~~
To have a fresh look~~
Having a new look, makes Yeeling feels another way...


After (not much difference)

Not sure whether this hair style suits me or not??

Wat do u think??