Sunday, December 28, 2008

Weird cHrisTmas celeBratiOn

wahaha....normally what will u do during christmas celebration??
enjoy wif ur lover??candle light dinner??party in ur frenz house??go shopping??

for us, we decided 2 do an extraordinary things on the actual day...which is......paddy field---Seekichan (i duno whether the spelling correct or nt la)...Actuali our main aim there is to take alot of green green artistic photo (as wat joan told us).but all came our abit yellowish as most of the paddy being burned.
we (7 of us) went there by using jason's Avanza where the poor 2 guys,yankeat & allen sit at the back & end up like a cat & dog shouting on top of their voice (bisingnya)....walao,we wan talk in front oso cannot...

me wif joan's bear bear

Lovely couple: Annies and Jason

Lovely couple 2: Daming and Joan

Yankeat,me,Daming & Annies in paddy field

erm...i oso duno wat they r doin

After the photo taking session,we went 2 kuala selangor 2 eat seafood (yankeat lo,kip shouting wanna eat seafood,beh tahan him)...then later we cant control ourself, u la,gals cant control theirselves when mentioned abt CHEONG K...correct gals??

So we done somethine veri spendrift---cheong k at the nite of christmas, 12am-4am...expensive leh, RM46 per person...not cheap wor..but we reali enjoy our time there,long time din sing until so shiok liao...

yummy yummy

me, annies and jason at neway time square..

Annies u gd lo,jason sing song so nice 2 listen,u can always asked him 2 sing 4 u....

3 sampat jimuis...muackks

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Anonymous said...

sekinchan oni one e ok...haha x like ur name got so many ee...haha