Sunday, April 11, 2010


Life start to get empty
I am not sure wat am i pursuing
except to live wat Iam suppose to

Nid to start to adapt to things which I dun like
Get use to separation, from family-personwhoilove-siblings-frenz
Sis going Japan soon, another one going to start school soon in SG
Everybody has gone bac to their place
To do wat they are suppose to do
Bac to my USJ room, as usual
Only loneliness and silentness welcome me
Eating alone everyday
instead of eating wif frenz everyday outside our house *now is dapao*

Working life
Try very hard to filter out those which are bad
Bad news, bad customers, bad attitude, betrayal
Hope I wont hate my job too much
I love money, so I cant give up easily
But, its sometime too difficult for me

I needed some motivation
from you you & you *still*

Anyway, I dun wanna ruin ur day wif my moodiness too, so the world is stil beautiful actually if you look into it in another way... ^^

p/s: Just came bac from hometown & my family potrait done in the studio...althought it is slightly expensive, but I am very very satisfied wif the outcome (especially my parents).. Will upload it very soon when I get the soft copy..Can't wait for it =)


+ wlin ~ said...

cant wait to c ur photo too~
life is always lidat...used to it and try ur best to stay happy with it :P

zhenlong25 said...

i also eat alone geh T.T
You want eat with me or not when you are free and eating alone? =P
Cheer up~

yeeling said...

wlin: thx for ur support...feel alot better now, juz feel abit homesick.. *jiayou*

ZL didi: i tot u eating wif ur frenz??

zhenlong25 said...

sometimes only....most of the time i eat alone one =)