Monday, February 8, 2010

^^ S.H.E^^

Yeah yeah
I am so happy
Tis time is really really happy~~

3 yrs... i waited for 3 yrs
Finally i got to watch their concert---
I think all of my frenz noe tat
=I love S.H.E alot=
But everytime they have their concert or come to Msia
I sure miss their performance..
Tis time
Muz muz muz go~~

My valentines present... thx jus~~ *muackks*
(the best valentines present i ever get)

Seating- RM198

p/s: 5 more days to go for CNY!!! *hapi hapi* but after that no more pubilic holiday liao...sienzzzzzzz


Cindy Khor said...

wah, so nice, i'm going to rihanna's concert instead.. you finally got your dream come true...

yeeling said...

yaya...reali my dream come so hapi...