Saturday, February 6, 2010

立春 ^^

Heard My FM DJ said
Today is Li Chun
Which means that
All the eggs will stand

I din try it in the morning
because i was working

When i went back home
I 4get about it totally
Until, my housemate knock my door
"elaine elaine"
We made it
Our eggs stand

Curiously, excitedly & happily
I took my camera & rush downstairs
Din seen this scene with my own eyes
Can't believe that the eggs reali stand

Duno whats the reason behind
Anybody now?

P2050005 P2050003

P2050001 P2050004

p/s: booked air-ticket to Phuket d luu.. although abit expensive, but stil feel very hapi

*pray reali reali hard for sunny weather within that 4 days, rain rain go awayyyy*


+ wlin ~ said...

Wow..nice pic~i nvr try this b4 as well~hv to wait for next year...hehe....

yeeling said...

yaya...can try & see~~
its fun seeing it wif ur own eyes...

jianchuan's space said...

har...r u sure other day de eggs wont stand??!?!?
or jie u use benang to let it stand...

yeeling said...

yalah...if u manage to let the egg stand other days...let me know ya di~~ :P