Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another separation again

I sent my papa & sis
Cuz, they are going to Japan
My sis will be working in Japan for 3 yrs
Which means that I am not going to see her for 3 yrs =again=
My dad will be goin to settle down her things
& make sure she is ok over there

Feel so sad
The feeling is so bad
Will miss my jiejie very much~~
& iam so stupid
4get to tk picture wif her
stupid stupid me *knock my own head*

**Not very smooth recently, try very hard to keep myself away all those sad things, bad words & moodiness~~ ==


BB_hwiyee said...

my dear..take it easy~jia you^^

yeeling said...

thx bb~~ ^^

Cindy Khor said...

wei, pai seh leh, now only i read your blog...

didn't know that you are feeling these kinda emotions too... cuz me too :(

hopefully the both of us would be strong khor family gals and work hard and live on with life...

don't worry, i'll make a point to come back to malaysia at least once every year... then we can take loads of photos ^__^

miss you!!!

p/s: stupid msn totally ruining our sistership.