Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Finally, here comes my family potrait

Waited for the photo for quite sometime d...
Very eager to see how the photos come out
Find it not bad
*At least iam not bad la* :P

Wanted a family potrait very long time d
Since my sis is bac to Msia for 2 weeks
Then, quickly grab this opportunity (ya, reali use grab)

Went back JB last 3 weeks
It has been 3 yrs since 5 of us gather 2gether
& finally got the chance to cram wif my sis at the back of the car
Duno when will be our next time leh?? (sis went to Japan d.. T.T)

wow, cantiknya

Wow, lagi cantik

We went our own clothes
As they din provide us for the gowns
But the makeup is inside the package
Feel so nervous
=1st time=

Jie, she makeup herself *geng*

Me me, almost done

Mei mei, i think this is her 1st make up in her entire life, :P (i mean sec sch life)

Steal the specs from the makeup stylist
& force my sis to wear wif me
Mum too, but she doesnt want me to put up
She paiseh la

All of us so cute la

The studio, being stopped by the photographer after taking this photo.. so kiam siap, dun let me tk the pic, u tot iam spy meh... *cheh*

3 jiemui cum leng lui


After the photography session
We went for dinner
Wif all of our makeup on
I think ppl will think
Y this family go for ball izit

Will miss our family gathering
Hope to say "5 person" everytime we walk into the restaurant/cafe
Instead of 4 or 3 person
Fast fast come bac ah


oLive said...

woah.. ur eye looks great!!!
all of ur spec look, is just nice..

+ wlin ~ said...

nice~nice model nice photo!~
i wish to take my family portrait too~
hope it could be real in someday!

yeeling said...

Olive: thx for ur compliment gal...

wlin: ya, it feels gd when u see ur family r together...