Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Year New Hair Style + presents

Happy CNY
Huat arrr
When for alot of visiting (photos will be uploaded later bcuz~~~ I DUN HAVE ENUF TIME!!)
Get alot of angpow & presentsss too

Change hairstyle b4 CNY
feel the same to me
juz the front become shorter

Got my belated valentines present
It is abit late
but iam stil happy
Thx jus... *muackkss*

The rose which came all the way from Cheras at 1am midnight ^^ *touch*

& this is
My advance bday present from my parents...
thx papa mama *muackkkssss*


The purse cost us RM 138 (i think) & marbeline lipstick for RM 15++
Dun scold me for buying such expensive purse
Cuz it has 40% discount and RM 50 voucher
So, ended up it cost us onli RM 40++
*so worth it*
(actually i wanted to buy another bag which is RM200++ but not worth the price)

This is my 1st branded thing leh
I dun have any branded things in my room (even my shoes)
*except....... erm...hmm.....reali nth tat i can think of*

p/s: S.H.E is coming next sat oh...looking very very very forward to their concert, i think i will start quieing up at 2pm, hehe



Cindy Khor said...

wei wei, do u want my gucci purse mah?? cuz i'm using my burberry one, then u can show off that u have a gucci purse leh...

BB_hwiyee said...

i m waiting ur ang bao^^

yeeling said...

jie: u not goin to use?? anyway, i have a purse now, but i dun mind if u wanna giv it to me... hehe

BB: i think i will get it from you 1st...

Cindy Khor said...

nope, not using it anymore... if you don't mind using q quite old purse, then i'll pass it on to you lah...haha.. its big also..