Thursday, May 20, 2010

no tiME!!!

Really dun have time
No time with
Chit chat wif Jus
My blog
My family
My long-time-no-see frenz
Shopping, movie, entertainment
* since when i last do all this things*

My life left working only
Is working that important
Working is not that very important actually
Is MONEY which makes working Important

But let ur work fill up most of the time in ur life
Dun make urself regret
Regret for not doing something u like...

So, I will always let myself
Do something that I like sometimes... *although it maybe tiring*
But at least I had tried

^^Post up my recent photo, I think u all might be abit shock ^^

Ya, I dye my hair
Din expect it to come out so "yellowish"
Becuz I tot I told him brown...
Nvm, Jus say ok, then ok lo~~
Summore, my boss din say anything oso...
So, let it be... *guan ta * :P


oLive said...

yeap yeap.. guan ta.. haha

Cindy Khor said...

yalor, the colour a bit washed out. where did u dye your hair? don't go there anymore.

BB_hwiyee said... dear long time nvm saw u jor liao lo~