Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thrown away

Suddenly felt being left out..

Iam always alone..

Wherever i go,watever i do, there will be empty spaces beside me..

Iam what Iam now since Iam small.. The one who always hide at the corner, sitting there having nth in my mind..

Nobody will notice my appearance if i juz kept quiet..

No talking, no fun, no sharing, no asking, no concerning, no no no(as far as I concern)

"Be independent, Be strong, Be brave, Be a powerful gal" Muahahahahaha

No pain No gain~~~

**yesterday dream abt a terrible accident (again), so scary** down period


Anonymous said...

dun worry, i will be there ok? muacx

Joan ShArIng HoUse@@~ said...

u wer gt alone?
c, gt unkwn ppl giv u a kiss lio

kian hseung said...

hmm.. sometimes i wonder.. the anonymous person that keep appearing in ur blog is who ahh?? aih.. worried bout ur safety le.. keep got anonymous person giving u kisses~!! haha!!

yeeling said... nid 2 worry abt me la khor kian sheung...

somebody more worry than u leh,wakakaka