Saturday, January 17, 2009

mixture of red & blue mood

hmm...nowadays reali do not have the time & effort 2 blog~~ *gonna get scolding my sis again, blek*

Actualli not i dun wanna blog, is the laziness in my mind had meng'conquer'kan body saya... Everyday reach home d veri tired, after putting down my beg & keys, 1st thing 2 do is 2 open my laptop & being stuck there for the whole nite at facebook and skype~~(btw, who got skype? add mai me leh... "she_ling")

Lazy la...Dun have the effort 2 squeeze words & ideas out of my head as y english & creativity can throw in the longkang jor~~

Anyway,CNY is coming...heard others say that this yr do have much cny mood~~~ mayb we start working d, or i din help my mum buy CNY things for our new yr preparation...

Aiks....this yr angpow mayb will SOK SHUI liao....cuz start 2 have income jor, tats y the isi kandungan of my red packet will reduce...kaka~~~A few more yrs later i mayb giving out angpow tim... *walao* scary~~~

Dun laugh at me....cuz u will be the next... wahahhaa



Anonymous said...

hahah...!!Yee Ling, u noe u got a lot of typing error in this blog o..... NVm la...if ur sis scold u, i tahan for u la...:) ok??

Wah, when u wanna give angpao to others wo?? u must tell me o??? Y noe y??? Bcz u gonna take my money to put into angpao la.....hahaha:) so u must tell me o....:)


yeeling said...

haha...u oso got typing error lo,say me.. cheh..

wah..u so sure tat ur money will put inside my angpow meh, so confidence ah...
u wait long long la,see how 1st~~~ lot of candidate wan be the another half owner of my angpow wor..u can or not??

Anonymous said... bout me judge? haha

Anonymous said... bout me judge? haha

yeeling said...

haha..u ah??
u oso wan 2 participate 2gether??