Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I juz get 2 noe from my sis that her ex met a veri terrible car accident...

2 of her fren's fren had gone 2 a far far way land & her ex was in ICU now~~~ *speechless*

i got the shock of my life...how can this happen??

All those crying-scene,hospital-scene & car-crashing-scene like appear beside me for a sudden which strikes my head & makes me difficult 2 show a smile on my face.

Start 2 worry about my sis in UK...hope she will get over this incidence soon & pick up her mood for work d...Wish she will be fine anyway~~~

Life is reli veri unpredictable..anytime, anywhere and anything might happen on us (touch wood 2 say) Do the things that u wanna do, love the ones u love, buy the things u wanna buy, eat the food u wanna eat (but not until tat extend) .... juz dun let urself regret~~~

So..... who wann company me go eat la jiao ban mian ???


Joan ShArIng HoUse@@~ said...

wei, kuchai ban mee nicer la.

yeeling said...

u ah...ppl no mood'ing here, u pulak ask me go kuchai there mum mum~~~

but then when u wanna bring me 2 go there eat?? hehe *miss u la*

Anonymous said...

yalo..... Reli dun wanna miss out the most important person in my life and hope can do watever I can do with her right now lo...eg., go trip again, go eat la jiao ban mian at Chow kiat, malacca......and many many more la....:)

I promise to bring u go ok???hehe..


yeeling said...

cheh... who say wan go wif u...blek~~
iam oso not ur gf... :P