Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So so so sorry..

Long time din updated my blog here~~

As me this bz gal is stil busying my own things (sometimes i oso duno wat iam busying)...

Hopefully, i shall update all my blog a few days later (all at one go) --provided i have the time & my internet is goin smooth la...keke...

sorry 2 my fans ya (wahaha, dun beat me)


sl33py 3dward said...

I won't hit u geh
just whack ur head nia

so hows work?
bz till my la jiao pan mian ler?

cindy khor said...

its alright..i will always support u and will always go check out your blog once u update it...

yeeling said...

dun whack la...
u pity pity me la,get sick again ah me..so mayb ur l jiao ban mian trip need to postpone again lo..
paiseh la~~

khor jie:
thx 4 ur support xhie~~
just lik how i support ur blog,keke