Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A taste of my buds

suddenly feel like putting up the food that i crave for..
long time din put them in my mouth d, makes my mouth feel watery...
all are hometown food where i can juz find it in my hometown (as far as i noe la)

My homemade porridge, with carrot,cheese sausage, FAT CHOI and chicken. All at one go, some1 will think that tis is abit disgusting,but yummy to me...

is the name we is difficult 2 find this in kl, can some1 tell me where 2 find tis??

all the pig-internal were serve with kueh tiao and matches veri well with their homemade chili,omg *paradise*...its so delicous tat i have it for my lunch everday..

Next time i bring you all go eat tis la....
BUT...u nid 2 place booking wif me 1st as iam a veri bz gal...wahahaha *dun beat me*


Anonymous said...

Ms. E,

Wah....u say ga... U can bring me go eat ga...!! okok...I think soon i will place a booking with u la...NO prob!!! u wait my call ya....I wan eat all the food captured above k...:)


yeeling said...

hehe...after place booking, u stil nid 2 wait de wor..
u can wait or not??
but u will be satisfied after all these meals la..keke