Monday, November 17, 2008

yeah ^^y

yeah yeah,i got a job lu~~~~*in mix feeling now*

but this job is in shah alam, omg, nid da jam everyday in MRR2..& nid 2 drive in KL leh.... so scary...

thinking of shifting 2 sri petaling, but i cant bear 2 leave all my frenz in setapak sad *thinking*

mayb i will run away after their 1 month training leh,keke...but they treat me really gd leh, feel abit guilty if i throw letter 2 them...*aiks*

Or mayb i go for the air-stewardess interview (there it goes again....stop it) 1st & passed my interview rite?? hopefully i can get through ma interview smoothly lah..^^

so, i have only 2 more weeks 2 enjoy b4 my working life starts (1st of dec),

no more sleeping late
no more waking up late
no more singing k during weekdays
no more student life
no more relaxing period
no more freedom
no more msn

(alot of "no more" stil coming)

Interscience job or air-stewardess job.... Pick 1 for me la..but no prizes will be given keke..


cindy khor said...

congrats oo....but the petrol surely really u r driving the proton up to kl???

ch@o said...

ya sis..
many NO MORE hv to throw away after working><"
but still..
will hv some free time for those NO MORE gek..ngek ngek..
all the best ya...

sl33py 3dward said...

Go for air stewardess! Do wad you wan, wad u desire the most!

Don't let the guilt moved ur decision. Lets see

As you work as a sales in the Interscience job, you can't get far. U have to meet ur target every month and thus, it might be stressful at times. Rmb, u mentioned that u love lab work, but being a sales, u r far away from sitting inside and running outside.

As for the air-stewardess, u said u love to fly too. Training will be tough, but that's a fact as u have to meet with hundreds of people per flight. Being an air-stewardess, its a job that is being a light distance from ur studies, but there are not much people who do wad they like and they get paid. If you really love to travel, go for this! I promised that you won't be regretted.

A sacrifice is a must in choosing options. But heck, it's not like u won't be here anymore right? Do come back and visit us!

(ps: I always wanted to be a pilot until I was short-sighted.. U still have power to make a decision, go for it!)

elaine said...

ya,papa say he mayb buying a 2nd hand car...

chao di:
when there is any free time, make sure u put ur butt in setapak k?
our yam cha plan haven suceeded yet..

thx for all ur advise,i will think veri carefully b4 picking my choice.
& thx again 2 u oh..u reali help me alot this few days ^^