Wednesday, November 5, 2008

mi$$ing feel~~~

Do you try missing a person b4??

Thinking of him/her when u r:

~eating ur breakfast,lunch or dinner

~watchin your favorate show

~driving on the road although u noe tat 马路如虎口

~playin game and goin 2 game over

~dreaming and after u wake up,ur mind is stil full of her/him

~brushing ur teeth

~in the toilet doin big and small business

~talking 2 somebody else

~msn'ing ur best fren


~attending wedding function

~goin for vacation

~sitting there daydreaming

~Thinking of somebody every second and moment in ur life

Are you missing somebody rite now??

YES....I am *blink*


sl33py 3dward said...

must be someone u love eh? the boy boy tat is still in UK?

keke ^^

elaine said...


d@nnylpk said...

HI Elaine....Who is tat o, the person who u r missing?? SO curious about him le..?? Tell me la.....I will keep it as secret k!!!hehe...

elaine said...

jangan pura-pura la...
i noe u noe geh...
=x :P

d@nnylpk said...

Har....reli is That guy ah?? I reli guess ngam jo.....He so lucky le...Make u missing him all the time...!!! So envy le... U noe, i missing u as well....??hehe...