Friday, November 14, 2008









ngam ngam...凑合了七彩颜色,有没发现??^^


sl33py 3dward said...

慌: kinda true. Like today when u went to test contact lens.. so gan zong.. wait there for a long long time

haha.. sometimes rly wan to laugh out loud, LOL, but ps abo ltr u kill me 9 9

kian hseung said...

life had even more color than that but eventually they all started to fade and leave u a lifeless black and white movie.. but i thk tatz the process of growin up.. and so.. chill up gal.. go do something bout it la..anyhow i haven found anything yet.. when u find something.. lemme know.. for reference purposes.. maybe it work for me too~... haih.. sad

ch@o said...


elaine said...

u stil dare 2 say...din help me and stil wanna sit beside and laugh at me,dun1 fren u d

kian hsueng:
ya, so dun try 2 let ur life become black and white, i noe u had a hard time b4..
but dun expect to get too many colours at 1 go, can start wif grey,then add yellow, red....
iam sure ur life will be colourful soon, trust me ^^

surely u will meet the person u wanted 2 meet...mayb the time is stil not up yet...=)