Wednesday, November 26, 2008

SaY gd-bYe 2 mY skY

"Next station, Newton..."
Omgggg, here it comes....iam so scare scareeeee~~~
On the date of 23/11/08 (sunday), is my scariest day in my whole 2008... SIA (Singapore Airline) interview is held in Sheraton's Tower Hotel. *As i mentioned b4 tat iam goin for a flight-stewardess job*

B4 entering the hotel, i saw some pretty gals walk out from the hotel. This make me even more nervous and less confidence as they reali look veri pretty... Thx 4 my meimei who clam me down by saying "Haiyo, no need scare la, u are much taller than them la" keke :P

So after fixing my make up in the toilet, i started queing-up for the registration as the line is getting longer & longer. So i start at around 12pm...

Iam all ready....queing-up

Finish making up and tidying my clothes.. take 1 full-length photo *blink*
So, this are the following situation which happens during my interview ( 2 make my story short la):

Queue-up for my registration...The registration includes measuring my height & see whether i can reach a line of 210cm high. yuppie, saya boleh =)

The queue in front of me, iam stil waiting 4 the registration

The queue behind me, so u can imagine how many ppl come 4 the interview

Stil queing up~~~walao,my high heels are making my poor feet ache like nobody business & now is my turn..notice, i queue up for a freaking 2 hours juz for that freaking registration

My meimei waitin 2gether wif me, muacks ^^

Done my registration, but stil need 2 wait again..wait for the 1st round interview (heard that there are 4 rounds altogether)..*calm down abit*

Stil waiting.. We sense something wrong as many of the candidates that came after me when into the waiting hall d, so me & my new-knowed-fren went 2 ask...

walao~~~our form missing d,nvm,they ask us (a group of us,so shuei...) 2 refill the form again..

finally, they call us (8 gals in a group) 2 the waiting hall for our 1st round interview...Our group number is 85... So agak-agak, got around 600++ candidates came 4 the interview...OMG!!!

"Group 85"they called...cham,my turn, my turn...iam shaking all over now,so so scare..

1st Round Interview,
We need 2 introduce ourself one by one and iam the 1st person, lagi shake...& i sort of miss 1 question which is asked by the interviewee. Nvm, its ok...juz kip on talking...on & on & on~~

After that, 8 of us wait outside the hall for the 1st round result...Among the 8 of us, 3 of us make it through the next round...& Iam One Of Them!!! Iam so so so so hapi (same as my meimei who waited there so long 4 me)

Uniform-testing Round
3 of us then proceeded 2 the next session...Uniform-testing,iam so excited abt it~~~ Am i dreaming?? wearing a real SIA flight-stewardess uniform..Can u imagine that, how on the earth that i can ever wear a SIA air-stewardess uniform ...

This round test us abt cat-walk, talking skills, 2 see whether we r suitable in wearing their uniform and also 2 check whether there are scars on our exposed-part-body (such as legs and hands)

So, we r given 5 minits 2 change our outfit,tie-up our hair (for those who have long hair), take off all our acessories..

Unfortunately & sadly, i din pass this round...u noe y??

For my guess la, my catwalk did not go so smoothly, la...I think it is becuz of my left hand, there is a scar which is left behind during my europe trip (S**t)...aiks~~~

duno how 2 respond 2 that...feel sad lo when i noe abt the result...*i guess so la*

The scar which is "not passed", see?? but the interviewee saw it veri clearly,alamak

But i am quite satisfy 2 pass through the 1st round & i heard that veri veri few ppl pass the 2nd round (like 2 out of 10 gals)
Nvm, can try my luck next time..who noes,i got it leh..
Thx 2 my dearest dearest meimei who company me through the whole process (although she din went in la)...reali wanna sek sek her d,i think she is more exhausted than me~~~

Pity meimei, see how tired is she in the mrt, so paiseh la....reali thx oh =)

& one more thing...iam 170cm, not 172cm (hehe,become shorter d).

Thx 2 all my frenz who waited and asked 4 my interview result~~~

Reali thx 4 all ur concern, although iam stil abit dissapointed, but all urs words make me feel much much better.... Love u all ^^


cindy khor said... hard de ah...even u canot pass the rounds so i will surely die de lah...i got so much scars and wounds and scaly skin....but at least its a very very good experience...

joantang said...

very detail blog le, but nvm la, i rather u fail tis time so tht u can hv more time with us in KL(so sui huh)nola, anyway , i wis u 2 get a better job soon...@@~muakz~

Anonymous said...

HI, Mr Anonymous here again..:) Actually, dun feel so disappointed also de.. There is no permanent sadness 1... Besides, u wore the SIA uniform b4 wo... Not everybody got this chance le...walao...!!!

Meanwhile, u going to start ur new job(Interscience) soon le..Hope u can quickly adapt the environment there, no need so scare now rite...Nvm la...When u scare, Mr anonymous call u la...I become ur client...ok??hehehe...


elaine said...

jie: is a veri gd experience for me,at least i get 2 train myself~~

yer,u so sui...i wan get tis job leh actualli..nvm la,mayb next time stil got chance~~

haha,thx 2 u again oh ^^
although i feel sad,but i sure will stand up again geh...

r u sure u r willin 2 be my client,then u reali 2 prepare for i will kip calling u de oh =)

aash said...

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Joan ShArIng HoUse@@~ said...

me jz kidding la..
but u r half qualified d, i totally fail if i go, cz too short(aiks),anyway, im sure u can get better job,rite, gd luck @@~

Edmund said...

SIA don't want you, still got MH or AK... hehe