Thursday, April 2, 2009

pArt oF my liFe

Wat changes my life...

This is wat he bring back for me from UK..Like it very much, cant bear 2 put it in my mouth..

This is wat he gave to me during valentines day, through his frenz hand, when he is stil in UK.

This is who the "he" is...

I admit that i was inmature in handling all my "precious", which make me grow alot.

But i will try my very best 2 hold on 2 anything tat i wanted & wat iam able to do.

He....makes me change alot ^^ thx jus~~~

*p/s: finally got the time 2 update some of my things, my jie is making alot of noise jor...dun scole me la :P


Anonymous said...

To the part of my life,

Halo...Jo, Really happy that I can be with you...:) Besides, you do changes my life also de... Thank for ur appearance into my life...:) NOT only U will try ur best to hold on o, but Me too...*5210* Remember ah, in this world, at least you have me.....^^

=ur jus=

yeeling said...

^^ until so lam ah??
hao fa fa blek :P
but i noe that if there is anythin not goin very well, u will be at my side (although u in sg la..)
hope u will be doin gd over there :)

chenying said...

So Sweet~~~Wish both of u Happy Forever ya!!

yeeling said...

thx dear...miss u muacks