Thursday, April 23, 2009

My 1st time

everybody got their 1st time...

eh eh ehh...dun misunderstood... the "1st time" that i mentioned refers to the things that we reali do or happens for the 1st time.

*such as*
1st time being kiss, 1st time drive car, 1st time open ur mouth & shouted rudely to ur parents, 1st time hanging out late wif ur frenz, 1st time being lock out of own house without having keys on our hands~~~

Well, I have my very 1st time which makes my day bright...
I got my 1st order happy when receive my PO from my support team.. u noe wat, not only iam the 1 who have smilling face, my colleague, manager oso feel hapi 4 me & even congratulate me...

Maybe it is bcuz i work in my office for a period jor and waited very long time 4 this order. & they feel that my effort is nt wasted. hehe ^^*quite suprise that my manager feels hapi 4 me & congratulate me :P*

Thanks to you ya Mr.Lim, u r my 1st customer... u r recorded in Yee Ling's book of records. wakakakaka

If u have problem wif ur heart (choi....), can try tis place, quite pro geh... cuz Dr.Mahathir came here to do operation b4... >.<

p/s: who wanna be in "my book of records", can try 2 achieve something great and special together wif me...but no prize given la :P

-----> will come out wif more "1st time" in future...try my best~~~


Cindy Khor said...

congrats on your 1st every customer ya...keep it up, sis

zhenlong25 said...

In the future will have lots of 1st time, such as, 1st time getting 2nd customer, 1st time getting 3rd customer etc...(the list goes on) but this is the most memorable one! congrats=)

yeeling said...

THx ya...wish me luck in the future ^^

U ah...notti ah~~~
hope that i will get my 1st 100th customer la...hehe