Friday, March 27, 2009

Save our earth~~~

*yo man*

Off your light on the 28th of March for 1 hour...starting from 8.30-9.30 pm Msia time.

Even KLCC is shutting of their blink blink, 8TV is stopping their programs, me off'ing all ma lights & com in ma room, KLIA stopping all their flights in the air (izit? nah...i blah oni)~~

Since we do not do recycle so often, or even have the ability to save the world...As one of the small part in the world, why not contributing some of our energy by shutting off ur light for 1 hour..

1 hour onli ma...wat can u do in this 1 hour???

dun tell me u r scare of dark...(iam scare of dark too)~~
dun tell me u r lazy to juz walk 2 ur sius & push the button~~
dun tell me u wanna bath in this hour~~
dun tell me u will miss ur lao gong or lao po's face without looking at them for 1 hour~~

i will boo u... *blek*

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