Saturday, March 7, 2009


Last sunday, went out wif my coursemate KIM jimui to 1U for gathering...
Iam quite geng leh...cuz find parking by my own self...wahahaha.

Din meet them since iam bac from UK & felt guilty la cuz din contact & update wif them~~
We went 2 a cafe named "Delicous" wif all the yummy deserts and western foods.

Actually i dun plan 2 go there for gathering as i heard it is quite expensive from my fren...

3 pretties: Cass, Ying and Ling

My main course: Cabonara spagetti...walao,full of cheese,so so zai~~~

My dessert: Chocolate brownies wif vanilla ice-cream *yummy*

My fren's salmon sandwich,duno wat taste is that cuz i din try,keke~~

After lunch, Ying, Nel Nel and me~~

Taste wise for this place is quite nice but juz dun lik the pricing...makes my purse wanna cry =.=

P/S: Nah...YGF members, got prove here ah...dun kip say i din go sing k wif u all, i got things 2 do leh~~


sl33py 3dward said...

YGF stands for?

in the picture, u havent cut ur hair?

cindy khor said...

the salmon sandwich looks delicious... wei wei .... y every decision i make u also don't support me de?

myeeworld said...

look tasty wow..
where is that restaurant ??
i like the spegetti...