Thursday, February 19, 2009

sicky yeeling is here again...

I am sick again

muscle pain

Y i wanted to work hard in my carrier, there will be some obstacle in front of me~~
dun dare 2 tell my parents,sure kena scolding from them & make them more worry..

duno whether my sickness is caused by a tiny-miny mosquito leh?? *scare scare*
my fren ask me 2 go see doctor & blood check...but iam afraid 2 do so & try 2 psycho myself "i will be fine in no time"

HUA TUO,where r u?? come & help me~~
My newest 2009 new yr resolution is --->>dun get sick again!!!


sl33py 3dward said...

wth, comon, take good care of urself
Go to guardian or any pharmacy and buy come Vit C or Vit ACE tablets to eat everyday. It will make ur antibody stronger

and please, go consult the doctor. It wouldn't take long, compared having to psycho urself all the time~

if u fall sick again, surely i will wait outside ur house just to whack ur head!

cindy khor said...

aiyo... do u think its denggi??maybe u should google search the website and see whether the symptoms are really those... take care ok...if condition worsen, remember ask someone to accompany you to the docs...don't just suffer alone ya...

yeeling said...

heh...i try my very best 2 tk care of myself le,but my body dun1 2 listen 2 me ma~~~
Pls la,dun come my house 2 whack my head la...i company u go eat la jiao ban mian la...okok?? keke

Khor jie:
i surely will go bac 2 visit that doctor if iam getting worse,ok?
thx for ur concern oh ^^