Monday, July 27, 2009

Steamboat celebration

Last Friday after work, me & whole of my team went for steamboat 2 celebrate my support staff bday... but some of them din attend~~

So, around 12 of us went to "Yuen" around 6pm. Me and my another 2 colleagues reach there 1st (although we r the 3rd who leave our office) bcuz we cut-Q near the traffic light, teehee~~

Luckily we went there early, so we get 2 have a big table without booking, geng leh... ^^

All of my "team-mate"

My favorate- "shui jiao"

After the steamboat, some of us (me,Ruby, Chloe and Jess) felt that steamboat is not enuf... So we went 2 Sunway Pyramid for 2nd round.
After a few rounds of wandering, we end up here...
Starbuck... i ordered ice chocolate chips...

I force all of them 2 post for my blog, hehe ^^

Thanks for your cooperation...

Lucky 2 have u guess in my working life, if not my working life will be boring =) *muackss*

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