Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Decades 1: Entertainment in working life

So so so long time din touch my blog le~~
Sorry for abounding you ya ~.~

So tis few blogs are just to update wat happen 2 me last few weeks since July.

Upon all the heavy working life, 3 of us (me,Ruby and Chloe) decided to let ourself relax for while. We went shopping at Sunway pyramid.

Chloe get herself a clothes, Ruby get herself a formal attire for graduation and I bought a necklace for Jus as bday present...

Self-pic while waiting for my colleague to change in the fitting room

Yummy sushi... a layer of salmon, cheese and prickles of fish and vege on top.

*thumbs up*

3 of us each order 1 side dish that we like

Deep fried prawn + egg underneath+ rice... taste quite ok but too filling jor, feel so so full after this bowl of rice *gastric*

Samseng Tan, pretty big eye lady but get impatient veri quickly

Ruby, a veri kind and shy gal but sometimes talk 2 soft jor...

This cost us RM 15 per person, quite worth it la as the portion of food quite big & taste good too ^^
Worth trying it, but i forget wat name is this place jor, keke...


Cindy Khor said...

quite cheap leh.. next time bring me to eat there lah.

yeeling said... leh...
u fast fast come bac la, then i sure bring u go eat geh...