Friday, June 12, 2009

Away from stupid work...

2molo goin Ling Ming Shan (Kuantan) wif a bunch of my frenz...
Imagine a full sky of star, standing upon above the clouds looking at the sun-rise, oh my, *paradise*
I heard that 25 of us r goin, which means is 5 cars lo *wow*
Meeting at Genting Klang
So so excited and looking forward 2 it very very much...

Things 2 be brought:
- Mosquito repellent (moz important thing)
- Junk food (go picnic meh)
- Water (Jus is like a shui tong)
- T-shirt
- Tourch light
- Camera
- Sport shoes
(remind me if i had left out anything)

wanna get away from all the quotation, all the tender, sebutharga, problems, matters and money~~

***Just sent my cousin to UK at KLIA yesterday nite, reminds me off last yr my cousin sent me off for my summer programme.
1 year d fast...
last yr he & his family (of course include my family la) wave 2 me at the boarding entrance, now pula me & my dad (of course include his family la, eh, so familiar de) sent him off...
Wanted to go so so much, almost wanna hide in his luggage & go UK wif him *giggle*

So funny rite?? miss those days la,
Everybody JIAYOU!!!


joan/祖安 said...

yea, excited ling ming shan~

Cindy Khor said...

kian shiong already here in uk ah?? do u think i should go find him?

yeeling said...

joan: enjoy wif u all veri much over there..

jie: i think no nid la, cuz ur financial d veri tight jor.. i oso got tell kian hsueng d, he wanted find u geh, but oso no money... so i think he understand geh...