Wednesday, May 27, 2009


While i was working in my 2 x 2 cubic feet space, i receive a phone call from my college junior.

He ask me about the info of Campbell University cert. & told me that he is goin to UK tomolo... has been one yr that i had been to UK for my honour fast.
All these wonderful memories flash back and are still very fresh in my mind, like it only happens yesterday, but it all happens 1 yr ago:

Over coming jet light,
Sitting in the aeroplane for more than 12 hours,
Having fun walking wif my other 17 coursemate to school,
Wake up early in the morning to prepare lunch to be brought to school,
Buying all the junk food in
99 pence, home bargain, tesco, farm food (oh my, i still remember the shop names)
Skype'ing wif my dearest who is in another place,
Rushing our dissertation overnite non-stop,
Discussing all the sllybas b4 exam,
Europe trip after the end of my course...

All these are memories, reali pretty memories. feel like goin bac there & have a relax studying life, not like my present stressful working life *like sh.t*

On the plane to UK, so hapi...

Iam at london ^^

Put my feet on my dream land, Paris...

18 of us from TARC Msia of 2009 summer programme LJMU

Time reali flies very fast and now iam already 23 yrs old.

Which means that i will be other ppl's wife after 5 yrs...omg, so fast...



boubou said...

Bonjour !i just came across your blog ! i invite you to take a cup of tea in boubouteatime and enjoy your time :)
a bientot !
Boubouteatime xx

Anonymous said...

HI Elaine, so missing those memorable time in UK & Europe ho....but during studying time, i almost spent my time to skype with sumone important to me wo...So, i can say tat most of my memory is SKype lo...hahhaha!!! U wan me bring u back to UK ma??? I can plan it now ge....We go eat kebab again la...Heheh...ok mou???


~N3LsoN~ said...

so fast ~ more than 1 year at uk is so great