Friday, May 8, 2009



reli veri shueh recently...

Car railling full of ANTS (not 2 say full la, 10-20++), use sheltox 2 spray my whole car :'( ; then on the next day,
My car bumper being scratch by the motorbike while waiting at the trafic light, omg so shueh.. but luckily it doesn't leave any obvious scratches; then later,
I went to wash my car, my booth leak water & my pity laptop bag is soak with water, I realise it only when i reach home, omg lagi shueh (but lucikly my laptop is not wet, gd-going laptop bag); then later when i go back home,
My car is being knock by motorbike AGAIN at the side mirror, i wanna CRY d la..y so shueh de~~~ but my car is stil ok la; then later during the nite,
I scratch each of my knees continously at different places (my right knee bleed a lil, stil can walk la)...

haiz~~~duno y ll the things come 2 me at one time, mayb iam unluckily tat time~~ -.-

However, among all these blues, i had a lil event which brighten my dim--get my 2nd order jor lu...keke, a veri gd present for my bday ^^ hopefully everything will go right la =)

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Cindy Khor said...

sometimes, its like that one, if something unfortunate starts, a series will come. well, hopefully everything will be fine the next few days