Thursday, October 30, 2008

hApi biRthdAy 2 wOo toNg~~~

Strawberry cake~~~look nice but for the taste wise, ermmm......

"Come down lo....come down cut cake d!!!"
After lighting up the 2 big candle, the 20 yr old big baby came down without any clothes on...1st time in history, celebrating if a "bogel" bday boy...kekeke :P

This is the bogel boy tat iam saying, walao...stil so thin~~~

Bogel boy and his gf "juan"

Actually we wanted to give him a suprise geh...but once we reach home wif the cake,i ask Juan to pura-pura change clothes (actually we wanted 2 hide the bday cake)...then he notice something fishy outside and noe wat we are up to...*cheh* our "arrange-fridge-for-hiding-cake" action totally wasted... =x

hmm~~~no difference wif normal bday celebration, sing song--make wish--cut cake--tk photo...juz everybody seems abit shy & cool, as they dun dare 2 sing out loud (which makes me sound like a crazy gal singing bday song)...nvm~~~at least they got help out by clapping their hand la...hehe =x

Woo tong, nth 2 give give u 4 leng luis to tk photo wif u, a veri precious present ^^

Our housemate love 2 celebrate without their clothes on i notice...

~hapi bday 2 u oh woo tong~

remember 2 celebrate mine next yr ya...keke

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Woo Tong said...

Walau... I go google and search for my name.. really appear ><
Thanks anyway :) I appreciate it