Friday, October 24, 2008

A bRand nEw lOok...:P

Yo,check it out,my brand new short hair...
since bac from UK, notice my hair looks like a bush,haha..
So,decided to trim it off by my private hair stylist,kevin in Silvercut...hehe (mayb kevin can consider 2 pay me some advertising fee..hehe)

(2 hours later)......

this stupid line dun allow me 2 upload my "pretty" photo....aiks
so no photo for this time,mayb i will find other time 2 let u all see see har la~~~
hehe :P


sl33py 3dward said...

duh? kevin again? knock his head! XD

try uploading to photobucket or imageshack, then put the link here. with [img] [/img] tags

cindy khor said...

upload fast fast ya..i wanna c..

elaine said...

thx 4 all ur comment~~~
try ma best 2 do it la...^^